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Under the sea

I've just managed to complete another unfinished project. This was using papers from graphic 45, flower die and distress embossing powders from Tim holtz, drops from tonic studios, lindys stamp gang sprays and a calico craft parts port hole and seaweed.

I've also been working on the stitch. I'm now on the satin threads, which I absolutely hate. It does mean I'm on the home stretch though. 
 Finally, here are the pictures I took this week.

This is a picture of homer Simpson on a cement bag at a construction site 

The first rainbow of the year 
This is a wreath I bought for Christmas. It's so nice and wintry we've decided to keep it up for a while
In the interests of trying to cook more, I've got some recipe help 
This is a weather predictor. Not sure how accurate it is but it's pretty to look at.  Surprisingly this is the hardest resolution I've found. I'm not good at taking pics as you can see. 9 more to go till the end of the month.  Ems 
Recent posts

Birthdays galore

I've been busy making birthdays cards this week. The first was for a good friend from work. This was made using a combination of Tim holtz dies and tonic studios products.
The second and third are from the latest tonic studios box, one using the papers from the previous box. The only things not tonic are the happy birthday die and purple metallic paper.

The black and gold one is my favourite. So elegant. 
Stitching wise here is the update. I'm getting a bit bored with this one now. 

I've taken a few photos around town thus week to add to my number. They show the aftermath of christmas; the empty beaches and the pile up of rubbish

Next month will definitely have better photos!  Until next time Ems 


So it's the first post of a new year. I've been keeping up with my resolutions, but decided to talk about what I've done at the end of every month, rather than every post.
I will mention that I've completed my first unfinished craft project of the year. I bought this from the works ages ago, and it's been stuck in the back of a cupboard ever since.
Not my kind of style right? So I glued it together without the doors, dug into my resin box to find some embellishments, then painted and waxed it before adding some silver gems.

Sorry about the pics being sideways. It Looks a lot better in real life than in the photos.  I've been working hard on the stitch, and run out of yet another colour.   It is coming along nicely, but frankly I'm pissed off at the amount of thread I've had to dig out of my stash to replace ones that have run out. I've had to use different shades as well, which I'm hoping don't affect the finished piece too much.  I will pos…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hope you've all had a good Christmas. I thought I would post today as I am back to work tomorrow. I haven't got any pictures to upload this time as I am working on a number of projects and have not finished any. Instead I thought I would share my resolutions for 2020. I was going to go simple, and take a photo every day (2020 vision and all that) but instead I am going to do 20 things in 2020.

Save at least 20% of wages - a fifth of my wages will be the minimum I save each month. I'm hoping it will be a lot more. Go for a walk 20 times a month - should be an easy one for me seeing as how I walk to work, but I want to do more than that. I want to go for walks, either on my days off or during my lunch break, weather permitting.Row or weight 20 times a month - I have a rowing machine and a kettle bell and currently I am using neither of them. That needs to change. I have spent a large portion of this year worrying about my health yet I have done nothing about it. I need to cha…

Heart shaped box

Only a short one this week
 Sometimes doing anything seems like too
much, including writing this blog. I've made a couple of boxes using the latest tonic studios kit. Literally everything is from the kit.

They were actually quite fiddly to pit together! 
I've also been working on the stitch. Had to swap out a colour cos what they provided was woefully inadequate, and I didn't have a spare. 

Luckily it works quite well, but its not tge point. If you buy a kit you should have everything you need in It, and more than enough thread to be getting on with.

I've finally decided 2020's resolution, which I will divulge in next week's post.
Until next time

I can see clearly now my brain has gone...

Thought I'd blog early this week. A few things to post, as well as the normal cross stitch update. To start, here's a simple card.
I looked online for advice on how to colour hulk so that he didn't look flat. I've also made a tag, using an acrylic base this time. I edged the tag with white paint and snow tek paste, and added some tonic pearls and some gems. I coloured some wooden pieces with Lindy sprays as well as blue tinsel embossing powder, before adding some flowers and a ribbon.

Finally, here is the stitch update. 
Another example of how ridiculous this kit is is the amount of thread I have left over of one colour.
Until next time

Autumn leaves

I've not done much this week but I have completed an autumn themed tag. I started by cutting a tag and spraying it with lindys spray. I then embossed it with him holtz woodgrain folder. I then blended together various distress oxides, cutting autumn leaned out of them. I stamped and coloured an owl, then added a sentiment.

I've also been working on the stitch. Not happy with it so far, as I have already run out of two colours, which shouldn't happen. The one I've just run out of isn't even halfway through the number of stitches required. I'm not the most frugal of stitches but I certainly am not wasteful enough for it to run out like that. Luckily I've got a stash of threads, and I found the right colours. 
You should be able to see what it is by now. Any guesses?
Until next time