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Gift boxes

 Never make gift boxes! I've been so stressed this week making them, cos I kept doing it wrong. Finally did it though. These were made from tonic kit 36.  There are more than the 3, I wouldn't get stressed over 3!  I've also finished the winter village stitch. I lost the sequins that came with it, but luckily had some in my stash.  I'm already working on a new one.  Here are the random pics for this week. I found it quite difficult, as my mental health took a bit of a nose dive so I haven't really been out of the house. Still, gorgeous sunrise as I walked to work this morning.  Until next time Ems 
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Oh christmas tree

 I have not had much chance to do any crafting thus week. Full week at work, plus poor lighting when I get home does not bode well for a crafter. Still, I have worked on my cross stitch.  As you can see, I'm well on my way to finishing it. Just gotta decide which one to start next.  I've also made some earrings, from a kit I got from totally beads. If you buy the 8 pack, it works out as 2.50 per pair, and they are well worth the money.  No random photos this week. I've got this next week off, so hopefully there will be more crafting and more photos!  Until next time Ems


 I've been getting my tonic subscription every month, but not really using them, which is just pointless. I have so many dies and stamps I have not used, which needs to change.  I love the intricate detail on this box, and its so easy to make. The colours give it a really nice festive feel too.  Here is my progress so far on the winter village stitch. I reckon I should be finished by the end of the month, and ready to start a new one.  Here are this weeks random photos. I couldn't help but laugh at the spelling mistake on a national TV advert, but I'm sad like that! Until next time Ems 

Dreaming of stars

 Back to the winter stitch, which has had ridiculously little progress due to the lack of light.  I've also made a star this week, using mainly tonic products. The dream drops are amazing for colouring in wooden clouds.  I was going to add flowers, but I used butterflies instead. Its much prettier in person! Here are the random pics for this week. Until next time Ems 

Countdown to the c word

 Its too early to mention the c word, especially with the news of another lockdown, but here we are. This week I have made a couple of christmas presents, and restarted my winter village cross stitch.  I've finished the half stitch now, and started the back stitching. This will take a while, as there is quite a lot in different colours, and the light is crappy now.  I've made two necklaces this week.  I've also finished the other stitch, so will finally post it on here.  Here are the last random pics of October.  Years of living here and ive finally realised this is an oak tree. To be fair, its the first year its sprouted acorns.  I love this type of house. Semi gothic.  Important right now I think.  A cake I resisted! Doesn't happen often.  Road was flooded yesterday. Expect to see that a lot now.  Ems