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Oh my god I'm back again

See I'm saying that title as it's the first line (ish) of a bsb song but I can just imagine you lot rolling your eyes and saying oh my god she's back! Back from the New forest, which is a lovely place and definitely somewhere I'd visit again. I've only had one day not travelling or at work, but I've managed to make a couple of necklaces. At the moment I'm trying to destash a little, so I'm using up what I've got.

I love the beads direct grab bags and wish they'd do them again, but I've got a few beads I have no idea what to do with, so I'm trying to remedy that. It's a good way to test my design skills as well, and there's always Pinterest for inspiration. 
As always, here is the update on the stitch. Not sure I will finish it this year but I'm gonna give it a damn good try.  This months task is trying to turn negative into positive, and being more grateful. I won't lie, I have found this hard at times but I'm working…
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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Blog on a Saturday for once, as I'm off on holiday tomorrow. In the spirit of this, I made a tag.

The tag is a wooden tag. It was coloured with lindys spray then tonic studios shimmer paste in two colours was added through a stencil to create the sea. The frame is from calico craft parts, with a shrink plastic Bird and beach hut added. The other shrink plastic Bird was put on the tag. I then fussy cut some g45 sunkissed paper and added some flowers.  Here is the update on the stitch.  It's coming along nicely now but still a fair way to go. I had wanted to start work on a new one this year but I don't know if I will be able to. 
Challenge wise I have been out every day, and have even been working on the front garden. That's the actual front garden not...well anyway. Next month is to turn negative into positive and just generally be grateful.  Until next time Ems 


I found a few items in the charity shop this week, and decided to utilise one of them. Before I get onto that, here is the stitch so far.

Progress is being made finally, but I'm slightly worried about running out of some of the colours. Anyway, back to this week's make. This is the item before I altered it. 
I didn't see this straightaway but I saw a lamp in the window that I liked (and my mum spotted an identical one two shelves down so I got two) and when I turned around to show the shop assistant where they were I saw this. I knew what to do with it immediately. I then had to change what I wanted to do cos my paper clay dried out! 

This was made with resin pieces, a piece of grungeboard and some wooden letters that were glued on and then coated in black gesso before waxes were added. You can see the symbol from the Hallows from Harry potter, so the waxes I used reflect the colours of a patronus in keeping with the theme. Finally I added some orange gems, to give it a po…

It's creepy and it's kooky

I picked up some items from a charity shop the other week to alter. The first was a small photo frame, with enough space for four photos. I didn't want to use it in this way though, and i had wanted to make a mixed media halloween piece for ages. I started by taking out the back and the glass, before covering the front with sand texture paste. Before it dried I die cut some cobwebs and pressed them into the paste. I cut out the frames in two, but left the cobwebs covering the frames in the other two. I painted it black and coated it in wax. I then added halloween paper to the back, reassembling the piece. Then onto the embellishments. The left hand side had a word band and some mini bottles. These had been coated in glaze then inked with alcohol ink before rubbed with silver wax and a label added. To the left of this was a die cut candle from regions beyond. The next section had icicles coated with red alcohol ink and glossy accents to make blood, a word band and some skulls. A ha…


My first tonic studios box came last week. Great box and came with a ten pound voucher as well so I got even more goodies! I decided to use the die to make a stepper card. The only thing not from the box is the confetti, cos I wanted to do a blue card and the confetti in the box was yellow and green 

Aside from this I've only got the stitch update. I am working on something halloween themed but it's a work in progress.

Challenge wise I'm doing well. I've got myself a fitbit so that I'm tracking my steps and exercise.  Ems

Christmas in August

A weird thing, except for retail, people who plan way in advance so they can get the best deals, and of course crafters, this post is about Christmas! So I have made my Christmas cards this week, using a new Tim Holtz die, so glitter paper, and some stamps that I got free from a magazine.

I've also made a Christmas themed tag, using the new Tim Holtz santa die which I coloured with Lindy's Squirts and distress crayons. So time consuming but so worth it!

Finally, here is the update on the stitch

Challenge wise, July was a total success (followed by two days of fast food!). This month is to go outside every day. This might seem like a weird thing for some, as most people think it strange that somebody would not leave the house. However, when you are depressed you want nothing more than to sit in the house with the curtains drawn, shutting out the world, and sometimes it can feel almost impossible to step over that threshold and out of the safety of your home. It's sort of li…

I've got my Wi-fi back!

Sorry for the lack of a post last week, but not only did I have no wi-fi but no mobile data either! The irony is I made tons of stuff as I had a week off work. So, now that it is back here is a bumper post to make up for last week.

First of all here is the update on the stitch. I have finished page 3 and made a start on page 4.

I've also made a birthday card this week. I started with tissue paper on white card which I coloured with a Lindy spray. I cut a whole in this and added a blister, so that I could put a butterfly in. I then coloured some Snipart with Lindy's Squirts and added a paper doll. 
I've also been trying to decrease my bead stash at the moment, so I have made a couple of necklaces. I've used some beads that I use a lot, as well as some that I had no idea what to do with until now. 

My mum's workmates know that I have a slight craft obsession, and one of them gave her an old spice rack to see if I could do anything with it. I started by painting it wi…