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Trying to keep busy

As everyone else is, I'm trying to keep myself busy. I'm lucky cos I have extensive craft supplies! So here's what I've made this week.
I started off by making a tag. First I coloured it with oxide sprays, then added some stamped background. The frame and sentiment are coloured with tonic glitter markers, and the red hearts on the photo frame are glitter drops. I used a white pen on the rain drops as it makes them pop, and finally I added some string and ribbon, and some cacti flowers.

The second items are necklaces using items from my stash, namely silver findings and pearls. 
This was made entirely using tonic studios items, aside from the flowers. This will be going to a soon to be 4 year old who has had her party cancelled due to covid19. 
Finally here is the update on the stitch It's looking Good!  Until next time Ems

Recent posts


I was tempted to stop doing my new years resolutions this week. My mental health has not been great, as with so many others, and I began to wonder what the point was. But keeping goals in mind gives us some kind of normality, and that is important when the world is anything but normal.
So onto the makes. I've been working on the cross stitch on and off, so progress is slow.

I also repurposed a craft item, but not one you would expect. My cross stitch hoop broke a while ago. The hoop is usable but the base isn't. So I used some paper clay and resin pieces on it, before painting it with chalk paint and antiquung cream. Finally I added some various tonic studio dots and some flowers. 

Finally, here are the photos I've taken this week. A couple are to show how quiet the beach is, and the rest are flowers. 

 Until next time  Ems 

Stay at home!

Quick message before I start with the crafting. Please do not go out and socialise. The pubs, betting shops, restaurants and cafes are closed for a reason. You can't be bl blase about this.

Onto regularly scheduled programming. First of All, the update on the stitch.

I've had this week off, which is unusual because I've not really been able to go out much. So plenty of time to make stuff, but not much inclination. I have made some items though.  First of All, I wanted to practise my colouring, so I used a tando creative printer tray and some free stamps I had in my stash. 
I also added some flowers and scramble letters. I was really pleased with the colouring. Chameleon pens are amazingly easy to use, even for someone like me.

I've also made some jewellery. The blue, Crystal and sandstone necklace was inspired by the tutankhamun exhibit.

The mermaid tails were from a craft box, and I've added studs to turn them into earrings.
I've not got many photos thus week.…


I've made a few things this week. Before I get onto that, here is the cross stitch update.

I've also made a sympathy card this week, using an embossing folder and Crystal drops. 

My main make this week has been a calico craft parts lighthouse. Not easy to put together, but some heavy body gel helped. I sprayed it with Lindy sprays, putting a bit of gold wax on the top, and some patina embossing powder on the rails. I then added some mummy cloth sprayed brown, before adding various embellishments, including a giant anchor. I also added some art stones to age it a bit.

And here are my random photos for this week. 

Until next time Ems

Shake shake shake

I. Still trying to use up my stash at the moment, rather than make new purchases. It's not always easy, as ironically you can get overwhelmed with the amount you have, and end up scrolling through Pinterest or Facebook. The danger There, is you can get inspired by other creators work, and end up buying what they used.

Before I get onto the makes, here is the update on the cross stitch.

I've got to that stage where I'm a bit bored of it now, so I haven't worked on it as much as I should have done.  I've also made some shaker cards this week. It's a good way to use sequins up, which I have a lot of thanks to tonic studios kits. If you are thinking of subscribing to them by the way, there is a two month delay now due to corona virus. It's giving me a chance to use what I've got, as sometimes I haven't even looked at the box before a new one comes. Anyway, one is using tonic studio dies and stamps, and the other is using free stamps from a craft mag. 


March into spring!

Well it would be nice if we could, wouldn't it? Unfortunately it's still stormy as hell.

As you can see, the scene is starting to come together, but I'll be working on this one all year I think. 
I haven't really had chance to make anything this week, so I thought I'd share my resin experiments. I used sequins, glitter, small findings and some gold flakes, just to test what works. Here are the results. 

The ones with the little sequin stars and hearts worked the best. Now all I have to do is decide what to do with them.
Since its March, I will have a quick review of my resolutions. I managed to save 29% of my wages this month, only had one takeaway and hit 20k words. On the other hand, I did not donate to charity, had no no meat days, and my reading has slowed right down. So there are things I have to work on.
Until next time