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I decided to dig out a tando creative printer tray this week. I have put these aside for a while as I didn't know what to do with them. But as this year is about using as much of my stash as I can, I utilised one of these, as well as some of my newer items. I started by taking the cover off, which I put aside for another project. I then painted it first black and then gold. I picked some resist paper, inked and stamped it, before using it as the background. I used four wood slices, then stamped and coloured some insects. These were placed on foam before being glued to the wood slices. I also added remnant rubs as labels. For the remaining spaces I die cut potions bottles. The bottles were cut from watercolour paper and inked. The potions themselves were coloured paper. Again I used foam pads for dimension.

Working on the cross stitch but the light is awful at the moment and I'm in need of an eye test, so progress is slow. 

Until next time Ems

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Pretty in pink

A few birthday cards this week. Now, I am not a fan of pink. At all. When I received a grab bag from Beads Direct a couple of years ago and found it was all pink I was not happy (not their fault of course). However, I still have pink in my stash, as I make things for other people who might like pink. Anyway, one of my colleagues had a birthday recently, and I have not known her for long, so was at a loss for what to do. I was going to do a January one, but I cannot find my G45 Calendar paper. Thankfully I found out she likes pink, so I used that as my inspiration.

I decided to use some new things for this. The first was the background stencil. I wanted to keep it simple in the background, so that it didn't take away from the dreamcatcher die, which was the other new thing I used.
The second card I made this week was more up my street, and again involved new craft items. I am making a concerted effort to use things I have not used before, so that I am not tempted to buy new things …

Six days in, how am i doing?

Well it's very early days, but at least I haven't been tempted to buy anything yet. Anything craft related at least. It's a good start, and I have also been keeping up with the daily happy thought. Anyway, onto this week's makes.

I have made a mixed media piece this week. I started off with an old box that had flowers in originally. I painted it black, and then painted the outside gold. I then used some of my Calico Craft pieces. I painted them brown to start with, then green for the trees, before coating them with crazing medium. Once dry I used antiquing cream, and then rubbed gold wax on them. I added silver wax to the wolf, and gold wax to the moon. I added snowflake paste to the bottom of the box, then layered the Calico Craft pieces. I then embossed some snip art pieces with gold and silver embossing powder, gluing them to the side of the box. Finally I took an icicle part, covering it in glossy accents and adding glitter. I then covered it again in crackle accen…

New Year's Resolutions

Finally decided on my resolutions for this year. With any luck they will be more successful than last year's ones. Before i get to these, here are the makes for this week.

Here is the update on the stitch. I am on page three now, although i have screwed up the positioning of the flower on the left hand side so i am going to have to do some improvising. 
Everything else i have made this week has been jewelry. I apologise for the quality of the photos but in the winter i leave for work when it is dark, and it is already dark by the time i come home. All of these were made from a grab bag i got from Beads Direct - they are still on sale so grab one while you can! 

Onto the resolutions. As usual they are two-fold. The first is relatively simple. To find something happy in every day. I am going to write the day's subject on a scrap of paper and stick it in a jar, then at the end of the year i will read them all. The second is going to be hard - no buying craft items in 2019! Got a …

Let it snow

Managed to get a few bargains this week, among them a couple of Beads Direct semi precious grab bags. Amazing company that they are, they even managed to accommodate my choosing certain colours. You were supposed to do this on the comments bit when making the order but i did not realise so i emailed them. Emailed them half an hour before the package was dispatched and i had them the day later in the colours i asked for! It's amazing to get post that quick when you make an order during normal times. Coming up to Christmas it's downright miraculous.

As soon as i saw these blue bead rings i knew i wanted to use them to do some winter themed jewellery. I had some snowflake charms in my Craft Box stash, and i managed to dig out the last silver clasp i had (more now on order). The hard part was trying to get a clear bead into the middle of the ring beads in the earrings. It was much easier on the bracelet, as i was using beading wire instead of eye pins. The pictures don't do th…

Dreaming of sunnier times

Only a short post today, as I am typing on my phone again. Nothing wrong with my computer this time, I just can't be bothered to turn it on. Here is the update on the stitch.

As you can see I've just got the light blue part on this page. I've also used g45 sunkissed papers to make a new piece, with a wooden heart as the base. Took lots of fussy cutting, but it works quite well. 

Until next time Ems