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Trying out some new dies

Well, one new die. I also tried out some black shrink plastic and butterfly dies to make some jewellery. The trick with doing this is to roll the shrink plastic and the die back and forth through your machine more than once. Black shrink plastic tends to be difficult to cut. Anyway, once I had successfully cut out the butterflies I shrunk them. The best thing to do is to shrink them on the lower setting. After they had shrunk, I painted them with the new Sparks paints I got just before Christmas, before assembling them into earrings.

The pictures don't show just how beautiful the butterflies are. It's a perfect way of doing a pair of earrings for someone.
I've also tried my hand at making a slider card. There is a mistake there, as I didn't position the background paper properly so there is a little kraft paper showing through, but overall it went well. With these ones, if you are using the spiral slider piece you need to make sure that you use foam pads in the middl…
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I've been framed!

This week has not been great. I had to go home sick from work on Friday, for the first time in a good few years. I'm sure I am not the only one who hates being ill. This meant that the 10,000 steps for that particular day went out the window, but I have been keeping up with it every other day this week. Spending wise I have only had 3 NSD's bringing me halfway to my monthly total. Necessary spends included a driving lesson, food for work next week, and a new halogen oven, as ours is stuck on the same temperature.

There have been a few unnecessary spends. On Tuesday I took mum to Franky and Benny's for lunch, to the tune of £20.90. The thing that annoyed me was it cost over £4 for a pint of lager! Obscene price. Still, the chicken Caesar wrap was lovely. I've also got two subscriptions on the go, with the hope that will curb random spending. One is £12.54 for a SnipArt lucky dip envelope, and the other is £22.45 for the Craft Box, which looks amazing. Speaking of craft…

Second thoughts...

Perhaps I should have made my new years resolution about crafting. All this new stuff, and I cannot seem to find any inspiration. Or at least, any get up and go. I have started making a little house from my new die though. Haven't finished it, which is why the only picture you will see right now is this...

As you can see I have the pieces cut out...just haven't put it together yet. Oh well.
I have been stitching, and have finished page three. Here is the update.

At least this is really coming together. There are 6 pages, but I wouldn't say I am halfway through, as pages four and five are choc-a-block with stitching, far more than the upper pages were. Lets say I am three eighths of the way there. I've done that last page in record time. I might start working on the frame soon, as I have an idea of what I want that to look like.
As for the two resolutions I did make? They have been going ok, but it is still early days. I have kept to my exercising (even if I am annoy…

Time for new resolutions

I'm going traditional with resolutions this year. It's two-fold; to lose pounds, and to gain pounds. That is, to lose weight and to save money. Both things took a hit last year, due entirely to me stuffing my face and spending too much money. This year it changes, but before I go onto that...

flashes in your eyes
gunpowder in bright colours
explosions deafen

The last thing of last year was to stay up and watch the fireworks. Ordinarily on new years eve I go to bed quite early, mainly because I work the next day, but with the new job I actually get bank holidays off. Admittedly I did not actually go out, so I didn't see them in Newquay, but I watched the London ones on the telly. They were quite nice. I did think at the time that the soundtrack was overly feminine, but I didn't realise at the time that this year is the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote.

Last year was on the whole successful, although my interest waned later in the year. Still, I was very happy w…

Merry Christmas!

Just a short, picture-free post to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I was going to post the craft stuff I have bought recently (and it's a lot!) but I thought it best to wait until I have actually made things with said items. Suffice to say I have plenty of new things to try out in the new year, which actually links with next year's resolution. to speak without voice, using intricate gestures performed with your hands
Second to last of this year's weekly tasks, and I have always wanted to start learning a new language. New to me obviously, as there are no new languages as such. Anyway, if you haven't been able to guess from the haiku, the language is BSL, or British Sign Language. One of the few things I have remembered from primary school is how to fingerspell the alphabet, as well as a song, but I wanted to learn things that are more useful. It is true that there are so many things you learn in school that you never use in life, and so many life skills that you have t…

Out with the negative, in with the positive.

It's been a weird week this week. I didn't do what I had originally planned for this week, as what has happened recently made me think. Before I get onto that, I want to talk about the crafting side of my week.

First, in a change to the regularly scheduled programming, instead of what I have done crafty wise, here is what I have recently bought.

Muppets themed papercraft! There was so much of this, but I had to limit my spends to two items. This is a paper kit, with some lovely backgrounds as well as your favourite characters (though I note a certain Swedish Chef is absent)

Even better than the papers - stamps! These are so cool and will work as backgrounds or focal points.

Envelope die. Technically I didn't buy this. I ordered it, then was told that it was not in stock so got a refund. Then the parcel arrived. Now, I felt uncomfortable getting this when I had got my money back so I phoned the company up and explained the situation, and offered to pay for it again. They…


Sorry I didn't post last week, but to make it up I have not one but three weekly tasks this post. To start with, here is the crafting I have done. It's not much, but I wasn't home for most of it, so I couldn't exactly take my craft stash with me. I am also working on a new stitch which will now be a priority, but I have not got any pictures of that as of yet.

What I wanted to do with these is try a few new techniques. The bottom one is a red background with a mixed media thinlit used on Christmas themed paper for the foreground. Then I cut out and coloured some Christmas items, and embossed a pair of wooden mittens. The top one utilises texture paste through a stencil, with Verdigris embossing powder shaken on the texture paste, then heated when it is dry. Again I coloured Christmas themed stamps.
Anyway, onto the three things I have completed this week.
trip to the unknown on holiday somewhere new adventures await
This is the first one, which was staying somewhere new…