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Book launch day

Just a quick one today

For those of you interested in reading a post-apocalyptic book with a unique perspective, please follow this link and help me achieve my dream of becoming a published author


Project five and a stitch update

Hello crafty peeps!

It's been hard for me this week. As most of you will know by now (since I've been talking about it a fair bit) my book is finally available for pre-order on Sunday. Which means from Sunday I will be posting a link with every blog post, in the hopes that you lovely people who read my blog will have a look at the link, and perhaps buy a copy.

However, the anxiety of this, arranging a talk at my old school (I have huge issues with talking in front of people) and post-holiday blues has meant my depression is sky high at present. Funnily enough, my anxiety (aside from book related problems) is quite low. I seem to have levelled out a little. This isn't medication related as I don't take medication. It is a bit disconcerting that I do not feel as anxious as I should, or as excited. Perhaps I will when it is real to me.

This has also meant that crafting wise I still have not come back up to standard. I'm back to my days off wasting hours on the interne…

We interrupt this blog for a trip report!

Well I'm back! No crafting in this post because I'm still recovering from jet lag, so haven't made anything yet. I will say I picked up one thing, a Beauty and the Beast cross stitch, which I will add to the list of kits I need to finish before I buy anything else.

As you can probably guess from what I picked up, I went to Walt Disney World! I've been there a couple of times before, but I promised myself I would say on Disney property (another item of my fucket list checked off) so I booked Port Orleans French Quarter.

As you can see, it's based on Mardi Gras. These decorations are actually cast from the Mardi Gras parades. Believe it or not this is the cafeteria!

The hotel room was lovely. All American hotels typically have two double beds, so plenty of room to sleep.

Here's some pictures of the exterior. I didn't take as many pics as I should really.
There are definite advantages for staying on Disney property. The main one is the transportation system. T…

Projects three and four...

As I won't be able to post next week (off on hols) I thought I would do two projects at once this week.

Project three is based on Gilded Poppies by Tracey Laughton. Here is the original design

And here is my take on it.

The main thing that I was lacking was the gilding flakes needed for the image within the black card. Instead I used versamark ink and mica powders, choosing a butterfly as my image. The topper was cut out using framelit dies, the largest size and then two sizes smaller cut to make the frame part, which was then embossed. You can't see the embossing clearly in the pic but it looks really nice. It took ages to tie the bow! Still need practise on that one. Instead of a gem (don't have any to match) I decided to grab a wooden charm, glitter it and then seal with glossy accents. 
Project four is Butterfly Trails by Sue Wilson. Here is her card

And here is my version

Actually quite similar for once! I was so pleased that I actually had the die for this one. I did…

An insight into the mind of a writer

Well, an insight into the mind of this particular writer anyway. I have heard many writers say that in order to write a book, in order to write anything in fact, you must live and breathe the act of writing itself. The greats have spent years perfecting their talent, honing their skills until they produce a masterpiece. Some may never write what later generations will look to when they talk about classics, others may write just one in their life. Those lucky few, the truly gifted, will inspire and emote with every sentence they put to paper.

I am under no grand allusions that I will be one of the lucky few. As readers of this blog will know, I am the master of one thing; self deprecation. But for perhaps the first time ever, I am satisfied with the world that I have created in Lonely as a Cloud. More than satisfied; I am proud of it. Proud of myself. I have gone back to read it in the months since I wrote it and a part of me cannot believe that I was the one who wrote it. There's …