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It's surprisingly difficult to type when your hands are covered in paint

The reason i am covered in paint will be revealed in next week's blog, but i find it strange that i can type with monster nails, but not with paint covered fingers. Must be the lack of tactile sensation on the keys. I am currently using only two fingers to type.

Anyway, onto this week's makes.

This is one of the Lion King flectere dies i bought, for a whopping £40 plus off the actual price. The dies make it really easy to colour in the pieces, as it gives you a guideline to where you need to put the shading. 

A work colleague has had an accident, so i thought i would make her a card. The background is kraft resist paper with Lindy's sprays, which work really well. I've used the flowers and jars stamps and dies on watercolour paper. I saw on another person's blog that they advised cutting some extra stems so that it looks like the flowers are in the jar. I did this, but i also stuck one of the flowers straight through the lid of the jar, to have at least one that we…

Christmas spirit in the summer

I've been making things with my new dies again. The first is a Mickey and Minnie tag.

As well as paper piecing the two Disney dies, i used Disney paper for background. I also utilised a few Tim Holtz things; the foliage in the left hand corner which is coloured with distress inks and the cone is coated in clear embossing powder, the 3D star, and the snow is from the winter village die. That was embossed with holographic powder which is a great way of adding that sparkly snow magic to a piece. 
I also made a Harry Potter themed card, using a patronus die, This was cut out of black card, and wax was used. I used a mixture of silver and blue for the stag, and a bit of gold for the wand. I was searching for a backing paper for it when i got my new craft box, which had the perfect one. 

I also used wire mesh for the first time. This is netting made of wire mesh, that you can stretch and twist into any shape. I added some sea glass beads to it, as i wanted to keep the netting theme. 


One down, one to go.

I've finished the photo stitch!....and started the next one. I'll start with the progress on the new one.

It's a little difficult to see due to the lighting underneath, but it's a fair amount of progress so far. Thankfully there are less pages on this one, which means i should be able to finish it in a shorter time...theoretically anyway. 
I also used an old tobacco tin to make a Disney themed Christmas piece this week. I started by painting it black and rubbing with gold wax. I edged the side with snow texture paste, adding two layers so it looked almost like a snow drift. The inside background is a Tim Holtz Christmas paper. Aside from the poinsettia which was white and inked with alcohol ink and the sentiment which is Tim Holtz, everything else is Disney. There are three dies used in total; the decorations were cut in gold mirror paper, and i used two rows of these, using the spares to make gift tags for the presents, which are Tim Holtz paper. I decided to go Steam…

It's too hot!

I've never been one for summer, so i am not enjoying the weather at the moment, aside from being able to Lindy Bop it to work. Still, this sums it up.

As it has been so hot, I haven't really been in much of a mind to craft, and when I have I give up after a few minutes because I am pretty sure my bedroom has been moved from where it was in Newquay to one of the circles of hell. 
I have made something though. I think I mentioned that I bought a buttload of dies the other week, (saving over £50 on some of them) and a few of them were Marvel ones. Well, it just so happens it is my younger brother's 30th soon, and he is Marvel mad. So I made this. 

I never thought before about cutting something out a few times in different colours and piecing it together, but it really works. I'm making a Christmas themed tin at the moment using some of the Disney dies that I also got, which I hope to finish this week (weather permitting of course - surprisingly making Christmas themed pie…

Hit a little snag

Well a few snags anyway. Namely, there are a few threads that i have run out of on my latest stitch, which is a bit of a surprise. Not to mention extremely frustrating. However, i contacted the company and they have been nice enough to send me some more, so hopefully by the time i need them they will have been delivered.

Before i get onto my update, i wanna share a piece of jewellery i made. I started off with some plastic flowers, and painted them with Prima Sparks paints, before finding a smaller plastic flower in a complimentary colour, and linking them together with an eye pin. I then added a bicone crystal to each flower in the centre. Next i got some gold rings and wound the eye pins around them, flattening the ends so they did not scratch. I linked each gold ring with jump rings, and added a clasp to the end.

It's a little difficult to get a decent picture of it, but it catches the light beautifully. 
As mentioned before, here is the update on the stitch. 

Only one page to …