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Finally a use for scrabble!

As it is payday I thought I'd put a blog post up today. Before I go onto the spends, I will show you what I've done so far. First of all, here is where I am on the sewing room stitch.

The blanket is taking ages! I reckon this should take me about another month. 
Now onto the reason for the title. My mum went on holiday last month, and she was browsing in a car boot sale (a tradition for our family) when she found a game with plastic number tiles (ok technically not scrabble but the tiles are the same size, so if you have some spare scrabble tiles you can do this)
The first thing you do is dig out some papers. Be very careful, as you have to pick small pieces, or at least the right part of larger pieces. For example, my Steampunk Spells papers don't really work for this as it is a 12" pad. When you have chosen your papers, cut them roughly to size, then glue them onto the tile. I used multi matte medium to cover them, and put some more multi matte medium on them to sea…

Sometimes you just need to change direction...

Quick one today, first of all here is the update on the sewing room stitch

Today I decided to make a couple of pairs of earrings, realising afterwards I had just enough jump rings for them! (I've just ordered two new sets of jump rings, for £6.14) The first was using some lucky clovers, and some green beads (7 for extra luck).

Sorry about the poor lighting - miserable weather today!
The second was using blue green and clear beads and a couple of fish (mum, like me, is a pisces)

Spending wise I also bought some deodorant and food for work next week. It's payday soon and hopefully I will be putting a decent amount in my savings again.
Anyway, till next time Ems

More Wip's

I don't know what's happening to me at the moment but my crafting bug has well and truly gone into hibernation. I just can't seem to do anything right, and it's annoying as hell. The only thing that is working right is my cross stitch, and that's cos I have a pattern to follow (I have added a new stitch to my list, something for somebody else). So here is where I'm at with the sewing room stitch

Maybe I've got to the point now where I have too much craft stuff to know what to do with it. Hopefully it's just another lull. I have been working on something today, but I can't do anything more with it until the glue is dried, so for now, here it is

I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with these pieces, but suffice it to say I've got a long way to go till I'm finished. 
Spending wise it's gone a bit pear shaped as well. My brother has so far paid me back £175, which I used last week. I got a Dominos for £19.99, a meal at Walkabout for…

Perfume shadowbox

I had an old perfume gift box (one of those a woman invariably gets at christmas with the perfume and usually body lotion within) so finally decided to put it to good use, as well as using some crafty stuff that I hadn't used before. I'm entering this in the That Craft Place anything goes challenge

Anyway, I started off by using some G45 Steampunk spells paper to line the box, leaving the outside as I felt I wanted the inside to be the craft piece. I then used a new technique (to me anyway), using foil tape which I stuck to card, embossed, then dabbed with alcohol inks. I still don't have the right technique with these, and I wasn't totally happy with the result, so I got my black soot paint and used it on the embossed sections. It turned out rather well

Once I was happy with this I cut some pebbled paper with the pediments die (something I haven't used before) and attached one pediment to the top and one to the bottom, before stamping out the phrase I wanted, cutt…


Before I start with what I've done today, here is the update on the sewing room stitch (actually called Stitcher's Haven, which appeared in the World of Cross Stitching mag). I've finished the first page now - that basket on the left hand side was a nightmare!

Onto today. I had a canvas left so I decided to make next year's fathers day present with it. To begin with I used clear embossing powder with a stamp and then distress inked the canvas.

I also dripped some water on the canvas before drying with a heating tool

Here is the embossed part

I added a few drops of alcohol ink to give some intense colour in places

I stamped a clock in distress ink

Another clock. For some reason they didn't work very well in the end

The lines were actually from an embossing folder.
After preparing the background I cut out a phrase (Dr Seuss) out of chipboard, painted it with metallic distress paint then dabbed with black soot distress pad, before glueing it onto the canvas.
I wasn…

Cross stitch WIP

Not much to report at the moment crafty wise (hopefully that will change this week) so I thought I'd update my progress on the sewing room stitch.

The eagle eyed of you will notice that the hearts are missing from the right hand side of the picture. That's right - more miscounting!

Hopefully I'll finish the first page this week. 
Spending wise I did the rent, Sky and phone bill, took Al out for breakfast and lunch for his birthday, bought some snacks for this week, got some reduced meat from Asda, and some fish and chips. I also pre-ordered Blue Bloods season 5 and Battle of the Five armies extended (treat I've already earned) I'm trying to be sensible with the spending but this week may be slightly difficult as I'm off work. Guess I just have to keep myself distracted, which hopefully means more posts!