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Craft haul

I haven't actually made anything at the moment, rather I am in the middle of one project, and also concentrating on finishing as much of the middle earth stitch as I can by the end of the month. Here is where I am so far with that.

As you can see I've finally finished the first page and started on the second. Obviously with only a few days to go I can't finish the second but I can have a fair crack at it! It's starting to give me an idea of how large it is. As I said, I haven't made anything else; a combination of being ill and having too many shifts at work has left me too exhausted to do anything. However, I did have a little spending spree on mum's 60th birthday (as well as treating her of course). As well as taking advantage of the Next sale and my usual stop off at Primark (plus finding a bargain petticoat to go with my Lindy Bop dresses) and finally finding that pair of Mary Janes I wanted, I stopped off at the Works to get some craft essentials.

More jewellery making

I decided to make some jewellery yesterday, after becoming a little unstuck lately with the papercraft. As stitching is on my mind a lot, having two major projects on the go at once, the other crafts tend to take a back seat sometimes. However, I got my findings out yesterday to have a little play, and this is what I came up with. A pair of earrings with butterfly glass charms, and toadstools below.
Another pair of earrings, butterfly charms again, and a pair of silver keys.
Finally another pair, with the butterfly charms again, and some gold plated leaves. I like the fact that all you have to do is change the colour of the findings you use to make three totally different earrings.
A necklace. I was going for a shooting star thing here, which looks better in person than in the pics. I started off by threading some stars/gems onto head pins, and cutting them to different sizes. I then got an eye pin, threaded some metal beads on them, and put the head pins in between. I dug out an …

We are insignificant....

You can take the title in both a positive and negative light. Look for meaning in your life and you realise that, as one seven billionth of a species on a planet amongst billions of planets, you don't really matter. In the end, we will all be forgotten.

So, when you are in the middle of a bad spell, you begin to think what is the point of it all? Why bother doing anything when everything will be forgotten? Memories fade, things decay, it all ends up broken down in the end.

When you are in a good spell you think, yes, I am small, I am insignificant on the grand scale of things. But to a certain few? I matter. Deep down we are all made of the same stuff; atoms. So we are all connected in a way. This laptop I'm writing on, the hands that are typing out words, the brain that is coming up with this, it's all made of the same thing yet they work in so many different, spectacular ways. Life may seem insignificant at times but it's not. It's miraculous to even be living, …