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Naughty and nice...

It's been a busy week, but not so much for the crafts. I've been off work this week, and, for the first time in a long time, we had people to stay. Which meant that most days we were out on the beach (sunburnt twice, and I always laugh at people who stay out in the sun too long so the joke was on me), a lovely meal out at the Brookhouse Inn (steak and eton mess for 7.95!), a sleepover at my little sisters, and a trip to the cinema to watch the new Planet of the Apes film, which I highly recommend.

That being said, I did finish one thing this week; as the people who were staying are the grandparents of Rory I could not work on the photo stitch, so I picked up the christmas cupcake stitch, and this morning I finished it!

A few tips if you are using beads on a cross stitch. The first one is have patience. The beading needle's eye is incredibly small compared to a normal cross stitch needle, and it may take more than a few goes to get it threaded if you aren't using any ai…

My geek box Jujly review

I decided to subscribe to a new box, as I really missed the Crafty Creatives one. I suppose I could have resubscribed to them, but I still do not like the new format so I looked around. I am a geek at heart so when I saw that there was a subscription geek box available in the UK, I signed up!

My geek box starts from 16.99 a month, and is a rolling contract. The first box I had was July, and the theme was animate!

The blue box is huge! They send it by Royal Mail tracking. The blue box comes in another box (pity they can't just have the blue box, to save packaging.

The first item was an Adventure Time Pop vinyl figure. Now I haven't seen Adventure Time, but I know it's very popular. I decided to gift this one to my brother's girlfriend, who loves the series.

Simpsons plasters. For some reason I have become increasingly accident prone lately so these will come in handy! I have already used one, as I tore the nail off my little toe.

I used to love Turtles when I was a kid!…

Finished the configuration box!

Never thought I would actually get this done, but over the last week I have finished the box! Here are the last pics of it

 The May, June and July box are together. The May one originally had a blue wave background but I changed my mind about what to do with it so I recovered it with green. I then added a branch that I inked with gathered twigs, and added raspberry fizz flowersoft, so it looks like a cherry blssom tree. The June one is a simple rose I had in a Crafty Creatives box, as rose is the flower for June. The background says are we there yet? something every child says on a long car journey. The July box is a sand background and a beach house, made with blue striped paper and red paper with added stickles. The life preserve is just a piece of card coloured with promarkers and coated with glossy accents, and the crab in a bucket charm was from my stash. I finished the three months by making some bunting out of some twine I had and papers free with a magazine, and strung it alon…

Configuration box part 3

Still a long way to go on this yet, but here are my updates so far.

This is the August box. Obviously August means summer holidays, so I put a plane rub on in the background (the paper has icecreams on it - another delight of the summer) added a Bon Voyage title across the front of the box, and found a metal globe.

This is the April box. Whenever I hear the word April i think of the song from Fantasia, April showers, so i found some wooden clouds, painted them white, and added some blue rain drops made from polymer clay. I then used thread to attach them to the box so that they dangle. I added a plastic swallow charm from the Vintage CC box in the corner, but it was still missing something. Then it hit me
The Tim Holtz umbrella man die is perfect! I cut him out of black shrink plastic then shrunk him. He ended up a perfect size!

This is the summer part of the cover. I tore the background paper so that it looks like the sand and sea, with the actual configuration cover depicting the sk…

Configuration box part 2

Hi all, this is gonna be another pic heavy one!
Before I get on to the second part of my configuration box, I have a few stand alone things that I have done.The first is another shrink plastic piece, which will be another one up for eventual sale.

It's a house key keyring! Admittedly a little smudgy, and you can still see some of the pencil lines, but, considering I can't draw for toffee, I'm quite pleased with it. I was inspired by the little keys. I guess this could be extended. I've already thought of different types of houses, but there are other things that have keys; cars, even Tardises for those of us who are geeks!
Speaking of geeks, what to do when it's your younger brothers birthday coming up? As I have said before it is hard to think of cards for men, but I got a magazine the other day that had instructions for a pop up card and, as the present for him is a mario cross stitch, I decided to make a mario box card!
Basically, you score a 290mm by 120mm card…