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Off for a picnic

Short one this week, basically as I have nothing interesting to say. Not that that has stopped me before of course. I'm just not feeling it this week. It's strange; first of all I am not feeling like crafting, then I am not feeling like writing on here. If it carries on I won't feel like doing anything at all.

I have taken some measures against this slide though. Just a little to-do list every day. I figure if I can make myself a list of achievable things every day, and push myself a little further each time I do, I can stop this.

Anyway, that's not what you lot care about. You want to see whether I have made anything this week. Amazingly I have. I saw a focal piece someone had done on-line, so did my own take on it, making it into a necklace.

Basically I had a big metal diamond that I didn't like, so I glued on a few other things (flowers, a dragonfly and a spider) before coating it in white gesso, spraying it with Lindy's Sprays and using a little gold wax t…


I've been getting into the Christmas spirit this week. Possibly strange, given the time of year, but it's now that crafters think about getting their cards done. I had done a couple of designs before, but I saw an embossing folder that I fell in love with. So, combined with some colourcore card stock, I got to work.

Don't you love this embossing folder?
I've also been stitching. Here is the update.

broth, meat and veggies, placed delicately in bowl with a tea stained egg
Well, I ended up getting neither meat nor a tea stained egg, but this week was all about Wagamama's. Now, I had heard about this chain before from my very good friend Lucy, who raves about it but, like Nando's and every other half decent chain, there are none in Cornwall. I managed to get to one eventually, and ordered pork gyoza's and the yasai ramen. The food comes out when it is made, which means you may get it in a strange order. We didn't, as we had ordered the same thing.
Almost f…

Books. Books everywhere!

So this post will be a little picture heavy, for a number of reasons. First, here is the update on the Tiger stitch.

I'd forgotten how hard it is to stitch on a dark colour, but it's getting there. At least I have a plan in place for the order of stitching if you get me.
Next, here is the latest Beadhaul box. The theme is fire and ice, based on Game of Thrones, a series that has passed me by if I am perfectly honest.

It's an interesting box, and the good thing is that the dragon reminds me more of the illustration on the Hobbit, so at least it's more relevant to me. The only things that I am not too sure about are the resin pieces, purely because I don't know how to stick them onto something, and the glasswork hearts. I love the crystal glass - it definitely reminds me of winter ice glittering.
This week I have been to Bath. I won't put loads of pictures in, but here are a chosen few, before I get on with the weekly task.