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Indulging my inner teenage self - i meet the Backstreet Boys!

I made a fuck it list last year, which is essentially a bucket list, the vital difference being that you don't wait until you are terminally ill before you start. Life is short, although we do not seem to notice this until we feel death upon us. Number one on my list is to meet a boyband that i have been a fan of since i was thirteen years old. Yesterday i completed it.

They always say that you should never meet your idols, as you will always be disappointed, so it was with some trepidation that i queued outside the Lakeside entrance of the NEC in Birmingham with my little brother. While waiting in the queue (and getting caught in the rain) we got chatting with a lovely woman called Chloe, who had met them once before, right at the beginning of their career in Britain in 1996.

We were let in at half three, and picked up our gold VIP's and tickets. Then we had to queue according to what level we had.We met another couple of lovely women in that queue, including Nicola, who has …

I can never focus on one thing!

I can never do one thing at once. There are positives and negatives to this, the main positive being that if you get bored with one project you can quickly switch to another. This week i have been delving into papercraft, polymer clay, shrink plastic and my favourite craft, cross stitching.

You should all be familiar with shrink plastic, even if you have never used it. I have always thought about it as a thing for kids until i saw some of the articles in the craft mags. I'm in the middle (very slow progress) of a configuration box from the genius that is Tim Holtz, so idecided to use some shrink plastic to make some ghosts and autumn leaves. It'll all become clear once the project is finished.

First thing is to either stamp or draw onto the plastic. I used google image to trace some leaves, and drew the ghosts freehand.

The next step is to stick them in the oven, at 160 degrees for a fan oven. I did that and ended up with this As you can see, they curled up. A quick google sea…

Hello and welcome to the mess that is me...

It is always difficult to come up with the first post of a blog. You are looking for something that will capture the attention of people, either random strangers or friends and family. You hope to entertain, and perhaps, if you are lucky, to inspire, those who stumble across your words.

However, i am well aware of my short comings, both as a writer and as a person, so i am going to ramble on for my first post. Later on i will hone my skills, at least i hope!

I have set up this blog for a couple of reasons. The first is simple. I have relatively severe depression and anxiety and, as the title of my blog suggests, i am an exceedingly introverted person. So much so that i have, at thirty, pretty much no social life whatsoever. I am not going to hide that it has significantly affected my life. I did go to university, many moons ago, but i have not yet been able to find where i belong in this world.  I have extreme difficulty talking to people, without over-analysing what they, and what i,…