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Officially failed

So i said at the beginning of the year i would be gaining pounds and losing pounds. Well, as December is never going to be a month for saving money or losing weight, I am officially giving up on my resolutions this year. I don't like to admit i have failed but i have, so I've not got a month to decide if and what i want to do next year.

Craft wise i have not done much this week. Here are the makes. I am in the middle of making something else, as i found a great company called Calico Crafts, but as it is not finished i am not posting it. First, here is the update on the cross stitch. Not much progress but then there never is to start with.

The next is a keyring. Nice and simple, i grabbed a few things from my stash. As you can see it is sea themed. 

Finally, here is a winter themed necklace. The pendant in the middle has blue stones in it like on the necklace itself. There are some crackle stones which nicely mimic ice, and i had to use seed beads at the end as the necklace was…

Advent Calendar

I've been off this week, so have managed to make a few things. To start with, I have finished page one of the poppies stitch. Here is the update.

I also got a new sun moon mold, so decided to make a notebook. I started off by gluing a wire fence background, as well as the sun moon paper clay, some Tim Holtz ephemera, and other things from my stash, onto a notebook. Once dry i painted with black gesso, then used various Prima waxes until i was happy with what I had. I added a spoon head in a space I had purposefully left, mixing together art stones and snowflake paste and adding it to the spoon, before dripping a Lindy's spray on it. When that was dry i added a metal clock charm and a paper doll, and finally added some snipart stars that i coloured silver, and a Tim Holtz saying. 

Finally, I made an advent calendar. This was one from the Works. I started off by painting it black, then brown. I added some distress glitter glue along the tops of the drawers, to cover up the imp…

Back to normal business

So post two and the rest of the makes.

Sorry that the picture is not great for this one, but the problem with this time of year is you go to work when it is dark, and by the time you come home it is dark, so you are stuck using artificial light. These are three pairs of Christmassy earrings, all made with items from my stash. I forgot I had the stars, but they lend themselves well to the theme. It would be a nice little stocking filler for someone, with minimal spending. 

Here is the update on the poppy stitch. I can now see where the orange comes into it, but at the moment I wish it would be a little more subtle between the shades of red and orange. Still, I may change my mind about that when I finish it. I'm still on the first page at the moment, as there is a lot of background stitching to do. 
Until next time Ems

Walking in a winter wonderland

I made a tag the other day, and then the new That's Crafty Winter Wonderland Challenge came up, which was perfect to enter the tag into.

So I started off by cutting a tag out of Christmas Vintage paper. I had a SnipArt frame that I was going to originally use for a Halloween themed tag, but lent itself perfectly to a frozen frame. I did this by spraying it with Lindy's Sprays, then using Crackle Glaze with a little bit of distress glitter. I coloured a sentiment gold, and painted a Tim Holtz wreath style trinket. I added some paper dolls that I coloured with chameleon pens, and cut out some Christmas style foliage. I coloured the misteltoe with chameleon pens and the flower with a mix of chameleon pens and distress crayons, adding some pearls for the centre. Finally I used some snowflake paste along the bottom.

Bloody computers

My computer is playing up today, which is a bugger when I'm trying to update this, and trying to do nanowrimo, which is amazingly on target at the moment. I'll do my Best, so here are this week's makes. The first is the poppy stitch.

I'm still not sure about that Orange, but then I haven't actually finished a flower yet.
I also got an MDF violin the other day. I assembled it, painted it white then added a layer of crackle paste. Once dry I dropped some blue lindys spray, painted the bridge and other parts with sparks paint and added some snipart pieces and some berries, One snipart piece bridging the gap on the violin, in place of strings.  The smaller snipart pieces and the bow were coloured with lindys embossing powders, and the larger flourish was coated with white embossing powder then a layerof holographic embossing powder. Finally I added snowflake paste and distress glitter in various places to make it look like I had just removed it from the snow. 

 Until n…