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A couple of tags...

Sundays seem to be a good day for updating the old blog. It gives me a chance to sum up what I've decluttered for the week, show you what I have made, and get everything fresh for the new week. So, with that in mind, here are this weeks updates.Decluttering first.

Can of Batiste. To be honest this doesn't seem to do anything to my hair. Used up anyway so bin.

Soap and Glory spray. The day I run out of Soap and Glory stuff is the day the world will end. Used up so bin.

Here's me thinking £9 for a pair of work trousers is a bargain. The zip split, then the seams did. Bin.

Pair of brogues. Got these as a birthday present. Unfortunately the soles have come away from the rest of the shoe so I've got a kind of Flinstone thing going on when I walk. Bin.
 A Macy's tote bag. First foreign holiday, ended up buying stuff everywhere I went almost as proof that I'd been to these famous places. Don't need it now so it's going to charity.

Pair of Jane Norman shoes…

A mind is a strange place...

Well my mind is anyway, going by what I have made this week. Now that I've finished the first draft of The Ghost Lights I've had more time to concentrate on my papercraft. I'm still a little bit off my game with the stitching at the moment, but it happens sometimes. With any luck I'll at least finish this page before I'm back to the Disney stitch.

Anyway, first thing's first. Decluttering. Here are this week's items.

A Ghost Moonlight perfume sampler. It was alright, but not one I'd buy. To be honest I prefer samplers in a spray bottle because it's too easy to tip the contents out completely. Bin.

A mini Disney tree tube. You'll see from the second photo what colour it originally was. For some reason spending time in the window has made it go all Steamboat Willy. Don't need it, so bin.

A Hogwarts seal and stamp kit. Got this in Florida, never used it. It's being regifted.

Same thing here, but it's a Hogwarts briefcase with station…

I can't feel my hands....

I'm reminded now, as I look at my hands, of Penny in TBBT as she attempts to make jewellry, and ends up with nothing but glue on her hands. This is what my hands look like right now, as if each finger has grown a sticky little coat. Shows I've been busy though!

Start off as always with the declutter. Here are this weeks items.

An old insurance policy. Definitely not needed any more so it's gone in the bin.

My university lecture print outs. I have to admit, this one was hard. It was finally admitting to myself that that part of my life was over. Still, I ended up screwing up my courage and throwing them away. 

A perfume sampler. Didn't really like this one, I think it's aimed at teens. Bin.

A Sherlock Holmes museum pen set. I got this when I went to London and I'm ashamed to say I've never used it. I'm giving it to a charity shop where hopefully it will catch the eye of a fledgling writer.

An embossing folder. Came free with a magazine but it's n…