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Short post today I am afraid. I was all ready to put some new stuff on here, but my laptop and computer have decided they no longer like each other, so I haven't been able to put my photographs on my laptop. I've tried to improvise a little, by taking pictures of pictures, so here goes.

This is the update on my stitch.

Not perfect I know, but it will do for now to show what I have done. If I can't get the camera lead sorted I will have to order another one, which will mean using my phone as a camera until I get it.
I have also been making a hoop, inspired by a few I have seen online. I started off by getting an embroidery hoop and wrapping string around it. I then added a few different things to it until I got it how I liked it. This included my old pair of glasses, which I happened to stand on and break the other day, as well as some paint brushes I neglected to rinse properly, and some snipart chipboards I got from my lucky dip envelope.
Also on there are some Tim Ho…

Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light...

I can't think of my own titles, so I thought I would borrow one of the most well-known lines from Harry Potter for this entry. The writing exercises are working slightly, but as this has been hell week at work (purely the longest shift pattern - I actually like my job) I haven't done much. I have made a few craft pieces though.

I decided to go simple for my second growing crystal pendant, and use seed beads in white and blue. I've got loads of seed beads, and I bought a loom last year so that's another thing I need to work on but this wasn't the time for it as I wanted the pendant itself to be the focal point. The beads are strung on beading wire, and crimp beads are used to seal the ends.
Here is the latest update on the tiger in the heavens stitch. Not as far as I would have liked to have got, but it is harder with the light on this one. I've got the threads for the next one ready for when I have finished this one.
I've also used one of my new dies - t…

Writer's block

Writer's block so bad that I can't even think of a decent title apparently! I seem to have lost all confidence in my writing at the moment. It doesn't help that I have asked a couple of people to read The Ghost Lights, and not one of them has got back to me yet. Or maybe I am using that as an excuse.

Anyway, the writing may be on a low point at the moment (though I am working on some writing exercises to help me) but the crafting is going quite well. Here is what I have done this week.

This was an old bathroom cabinet we have had for donkey's years. It was white, so I started off by painting it with black gesso, then adding paper clay on the front. I coloured some of Tim Holts resist card and put them along the sides and the top, then added some paper clay borders. There were some gaps, because I am not neat when it comes to paper clay, so I mixed some art stones with texture paste and filled in the gaps. I painted the paper clay black as well, then painted it all wi…

A little wake up call

I actually went on one of those body fat scales this week. At work someone had brought one in, so I decided to bite the bullet and use it. Although I am not too bad, I am overweight and my body fat percentage is too high. Not to mention my metabolic age which is atrocious! The positives are that my body muscle is good, as is my visceral fat rating, but it does enforce that I need to improve. Spending wise I have got it back under control. I still don't know whether the job I am in now is going to continue past July, so I have to save just in case.

Anyways, onto the crafting. First of all, here is the update on the cross stitch.

I can see the finishing line of this one in the distance now.
I saw some of these last year in Hobbycraft, and had to pick up a couple.
They are actually really light, and you can do a lot with them. I started by adding some paper clay moulds on the head of the stag, before leaving it to dry. I had a bunch of resin roses of various sizes from the Works,…