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In short....bleurgh

I've been working on a mixed media piece this week, but I haven't finished it yet, so unfortunately this post is picture light. Here is the update on the stitch though.

Only the spade and another pot to go before the back stitching! It's going very quickly. If only everything was....writing and crafting are a little lax this year. It's frustrating to say the least.
the downfall of Eve, plucked from a leafy green tree, seeds encased in flesh
This week I decided, as most people are on some kind of a health kick in January, either weight loss, exercise, or eating healthily, to try a new fruit. There are a fair few fruits I eat, more than I thought when I mentally listed them, but there are some I have never tried. Whether it's because I am tight with my money, or that I am afraid to try new things I don't know, but this week was going to be the week that would change!

The avocado. Superfood, beloved of health fitness guru's everywhere. Used as a replacement for …

If you have hayfever look away now

delicate petals,
designed to attract, draped in
multi-coloured hues

This week's resolution was flower based. Now I know it is a strange one, perhaps not a resolution at all to most people, but I have never ever had a bouquet of flowers. I am not the type of girl who gets bought them, and I have never bought them for myself, thinking it was too frivolous an expense for a plain person like me. So this week caution was thrown to the wind, and I went flower shopping.
Flowers are obviously far more than the tarts of nature. If it wasn't for flowers, we wouldn't have bees, and if it wasn't for bees, we wouldn't exist. They are the bane of many people's lives come summer, when hayfever causes tears to flood our itchy eyes, liquid to stream from our irritated and sneezing noses, and for me personally, the roof of my mouth to itch unbearably. We used to string daisy chains together in the field at the far end of school during summer. I remember once having an irritated e…

A necklace for every day of the week!

Last week I decided to concentrate on jewellery making. (I actually made 8 but one isn't for me, hence the title) I bought a kit just before Christmas from Amazon, with some cabuchons. Basically with these sets you choose some papers (the G45 12 by 12 pad is perfect for this, as the example papers on the cover page are just the right size) glue them to the cabuchons with glossy accents, then leave them to dry overnight. Once dry, glue them with a stronger glue to the bases, then make up your necklaces. I made five of these.

 See what I mean about the G45 papers? Perfect size. Unfortunately the 8 by 8 pad I have is a little too small.

I also dug into the latest BH box, using the moons to make a couple of necklaces. I found some beads from a previous box and attached them to the moons, then made up the necklaces with various beads and beading strings.

For my final one, I made up a dome charm as I've done before, with a ring pull. I filled it with blue beads and some shells, be…

So what resolutions have you made?

As I said in the last post, I decided to do things a little differently resolution wise this year. Before I get onto that, I want to get the crafting related posting out of the way first.

I wanted to do a simple tag, something that reminded me of one of the things most important to me; writing. I started off by inking the tag, stamping it with a script stamp, then using the ink spatter stencil with the black soot distress ink, following on with clear embossing powder so that it had a shine on the ink. I embossed a feather, spraying it with Lindy's spray then rubbing the raised parts with brown ink. I added black soot and clear embossing powder onto the nib (always loved the feather pens and inkwell). Finally I stamped a sentiment that was relevant to writing.

Here is my stitching update. As you can see I've started on the next flowerpot.

I've also got the December Bead Haul box through. The theme was heavy metal this time, which did disappoint me a little. Yes, metal ma…