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So what resolutions have you made?

As I said in the last post, I decided to do things a little differently resolution wise this year. Before I get onto that, I want to get the crafting related posting out of the way first.

I wanted to do a simple tag, something that reminded me of one of the things most important to me; writing. I started off by inking the tag, stamping it with a script stamp, then using the ink spatter stencil with the black soot distress ink, following on with clear embossing powder so that it had a shine on the ink. I embossed a feather, spraying it with Lindy's spray then rubbing the raised parts with brown ink. I added black soot and clear embossing powder onto the nib (always loved the feather pens and inkwell). Finally I stamped a sentiment that was relevant to writing.

Here is my stitching update. As you can see I've started on the next flowerpot.

I've also got the December Bead Haul box through. The theme was heavy metal this time, which did disappoint me a little. Yes, metal may be popular through the winter but I would have preferred a little pop of colour to remind us that spring is round the corner. Here is what I got.

Beading wire. Makes a nice change to have this in here.

A tassel charm. I can see this on a necklace below a large bead or gem.

Two celtic knot charms.

Some beads.

More beads. This is where I would have liked to see some colour to be honest.

Some cord. Again, a nice change.

Findings. Interestingly enough, all silver. Obviously to fit in with the theme, though gold and brass are also metals technically.

More beads.

Some....weird....springy things. No idea what to call them, as the picture that accompanies the box each time did not have names. However, these are super light and would make good earrings.

A wing. One of the few things with some colour, but I don't think I will be using it as jewellery. More likely going to be part of a mixed media project in future.

More beads.

Two moon charms. Too big for earrings (not to mention facing the same way) but would be good as necklaces, especially as they have the hook on the inside so you can add a ghostly pearl perhaps.

Origami foxes. These probably would have had a more appropriate home in the last geometry box, but they fit this one too.

Some kind of statement pendant. I will admit I do not like this, but I will find a use for it somewhere.

I don't know if these are headpins, or decorations in their own right. I like the bunch of grapes look on them.

Right. onto the resolutions. I have decided this year to do a new thing every week. Strictly speaking, they don't have to be so new that I have never done them before, but the key is to do something different. I have already decided on the things I want to do, though not the order yet as some will be more season specific than others. For now, here is week one.

see beauty in words,
poetry in syllables,
metaphors abound.

So week one's challenge was to look at Haiku's. I am beyond useless at poetry, never graduating beyond the need for consecutive lines to rhyme so poetry was an obvious challenge to me. Haiku's are a form of poetry popular in Japan, characterised by how small the poems are. In Western society we have adapted them to three line poems, such as the one above. The first line always has five syllables, the second seven, and the third five again. Modern poets think that we should not be restricted to that rigid set of syllables, but I thought I would stick to tradition. Haiku's have always made me think of still waters and cherry blossoms, and I have found this week that they are particularly helpful in indicating to a person what words are useless. In other words, how to eloquently express yourself without the overuse of superfluous words. (Such as that last sentence) Usually in writing, words like of, that or the are fine, but with few syllables allowed, you really have to think about what you are trying to express. I decided to do a Haiku for each of my weekly tasks, so I will start each week with the Haiku relative to that task. Interestingly enough this week has done something positive, as I found myself walking to work this morning and contemplating a garden I walked by, and spontaneously coming up with a Haiku for it.

the holly bears fruit,
in dead of winter life blooms,
amongst leafless trees

So perhaps there is a poet in me after all!

While looking into Haiku's, I found a couple that other people have done that I particularly liked.

Rushing blue-green tide,
slip smoothly through tinted waves,
underwater world

Feeling your spirit,
is as on springtime mornings,
when breathing deeply

If you are interested in Haiku's yourself, this website is a good place to start. Just remember, it is five-seven-five, and it can be addictive!



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