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What to do when you hit a wall?

Sorry guys, this is gonna be another pic-lite one. This is for two reasons. The first is because I decided to be a complete idiot the other day and crack my head open on the door at work, so I have to take things easy for a couple of days.

The second is strange. I woke up the other day and it was as if someone had flipped a switch. All of the self-confidence that I had built up through my crafting over the last year has disappeared - just like that. I've spent the large majority of my life thinking that I am not good enough; in what I do, what I say, in short, in who I am. With crafts I was finally starting to believe in myself. So it is very hard at the moment, as I feel that I am right back at square one.

I am hoping that this is temporary, and that I will soon feel myself again. I have to remind myself that I am very early in my crafting journey, and there are bound to be bumps along the way. I am aware that it is probably linked to my current state of high anxiety, as sustained anxiety can often lead to reduced concentration. Sometimes it feels like I am far less intelligent than I used to be, and my cognitive reasoning is also reduced. My memory has always been awful, but it has been worse lately.

Anyway, this is going to be pic-lite but not void of pictures entirely. I have not being doing much in the way of crafting but I have done some.

This is another tag, inspired by sewing. I used Victorian Velvet and Spun Sugar distress ink for the background, using a die cut dolly in the centre to keep it white. I then used Barn Door to stamp some sewing motifs around the side, and for the dolly in the centre, and the word sew which is grungepaper. The scissors, needle and sewing pin are die cut from white card, coloured silver and glossy accented. I finished it off with a ribbon, some real thread in the needle, and some buttons. I would have liked to add some material, and perhaps make a dress for the dolly, but layering is something I still need to work on.

I mentioned in my last but one post that I am working on stuff that I eventually hope to sell. This started off as I have a box full of metal charms (mainly freebies from magazines) that I did not know what to do with. So I have decided to make jewelry, keychains, or magnets, depending on what the charm is, but with shrink plastic, polymer clay, or both. I am going to wait until I have made a fair few things before I sell anything, but here are the first two items.

This is a fridge magnet, using the stocking charm as inspiration. The shrink plastic for the stockings and chimney has been coloured with promarkers, and the fire is clear shrink plastic with mica powders to give it more of a flame vibe.All three stockings are attached with jump rings.

The earrings were obviously inspired by the anchors. I stamped a world map onto white shrink plastic and used mica powders. I then drew a ship onto clear plastic and glued it onto the map. They look a bit big but they are quite lightweight, and the anchor balances them out nicely.

If any of you have had any experience with loss of confidence don't be afraid to comment below. After all, we are all crafters together and I am sure I am not the only one this has happened to. Maybe we can help each other.

Until next time

Spending ban Numb3rs episode count: 81/118


  1. Oh you poor thing Emma,when things go wrong they always seem to bunch up together they. Don't worry about the crafting,see it as your outlet,so if some days it does not go for you just leave it well alone until inspiration comes back. This happens to me a lot,I tend to take a lot of things to heart and get frustrated very easily but have found crafting to be a real help in difficult times. Try another medium,sometimes changing what you do can result in new ideas.


    1. Thanks Donna. I'm going to take things slowly crafting wise as I find I rush through an idea.

      One thing I have just realised given what happened to me yesterday- the title of this post whould have been what to do when you hit a door!

    2. Ha ha yeah a more appropriate title! Seriously though don't get disheartened and always remember re your artwork we are always our harshest critics,it's amazing how many people like the stuff we do even when we think it's not our best effort!

      Hugs, Donna.x

  2. ALL great makes. Love the earrings, and the way you made them. You put them together with a single thought. Those anchors were the 'seed'. THIS is what makes you a great crafter. You had a little seed planted in your creative brain and the creative brain took over & made them.

    Fire and Stockings. a great idea & well put together.

    The Tag: What can I say? it's bloomin BRILLIANT! I love the way you've teamed the colours. I adore the stitches around the edge. And I truly love the perspective of the tag. Although the central image is the mannequin, the placement of the other sewing 'stuff' (stuff because I don't think I can spell 'implements' - hmm.. dunno, it looks right so maybe I can), the placement of the other stuff gives the whole tag a feeling of looking into a sewing room. The mannequin is over in the corner, and all the sewing 'stuff' is nearer the door where I'm stood, and in a sort of Alice in Wonderland moment, it's all floating around the doorway trying to tempt me to venture in.

    The word 'SEW' is placed really well. It's the 'thing' which pulls the whole tag together and makes the whole thing work so brilliantly.

    Be proud of these makes Em. You have every right to feel very proud of them.

    With regard to the confidence thing.... I know exactly what you mean. When I put my old cottage up for sale three and bit years ago, it meant that I had to pack away all my crafty stuff, so couldn't make anything. I eventually sold the property and moved 200 miles to a new place. It was then over a year and a half before I got a new crafty room sorted out, and it's only really been in the last six months that I've been crafting properly again - but I'd lost all my confidence. All my belief that I could make anything at all which was worth while had gone. It was like someone had switched the switch off. I'd lost all my friends and neighbours so there was no one to get feedback from. I have just three relatives who I live near to now and they really aren't the crafty sort - so they look at my stuff and I get a simple: "Yeah, that's ok", and that's it.
    Really confidence boosting that.

    My only reason for starting my blog (which as you know was only about 2 months ago) was to try and get some feedback in the hope that I could gently get my confidence back again.

    I don't 'do' Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter .. or any of those well known social media sites, so I knew that I would be relying on a wish and a prayer that a few people might find my things and give me either some 'Likes' or comments. (and I'm still hanging my heart onto that hope, because people come to view, but only a small handful of folks click likes or comment).

    There are days when I actually have said out loud to myself (crying one day) that I'm not going to bother with the blog anymore as I seem to see loads of likes and comments on other folks blogs but mine are sat there with nothing. But ... I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter. I'll keep going and just hope that the blog wins, before my lack of belief and confidence, and my misery and health issues beats the cr*p out of me and I end up not crafting at all.

    So yes, I do know how you're feeling.

    The biggest tip I can give you, which I've only just learnt myself, is comment on some other crafting blogs yourself, (choose ones who craft the same sort of stuff you like to do) because by doing this people will begin to see your name and will at some point click to see what you're doing, and who knows... the might just leave you a comment behind, and every single one will help to regain your confidence just a tiny bit. LIke a dripping tap, but way less annoying!

    Aw would you look... I've written something which would put War and Peace to shame for length! I shall shut up.

    Sending you love - as always, - and positive crafty vibes through the ethernet. ~ Cobs. x

    1. Now THAT's impressive! You have hit the nail on the head with the feedback issue, and that's a good idea about commenting on other blogs. I have found that when I get compliments about my work from friends and family, aside from a few I tend to not believe them, and think they are being nice because they are close to me.

      Compliments from fellow crafters are another matter, and it really makes me smile whenever you comment on my blog. It's like I've found a crafty kindred spirit. The internet brings out the best, and the worst (I've had far too many anonymous comments that are spam).

      Perhaps if we have built up a small crafty circle between the two of us sometime in the future, we could set up a crafty swap? I think we are too far away for craft meets (always been jealous of those lucky bloggers that do meets that always seem to be sponsored by various companies)
      Thanks again Cobs, it is truly appreciated

  3. I think we could do that, yes! I'm building a post which I hope to have gotten together over the next week, where I recommend other crafty blogs to people, by way of names and links to their blogs. I've already got your name and blog down as one that I'm putting on my list, so I'm hoping that other WordPress crafting users will (fingers crossed) see it on the 'reader' page there and click to take a look around the clicks.

    Hope that mentioning you is OK... but if you'd prefer that I didn't just let me know and I'll leave the mention until you say I can do it. (You can email me and let me know if you prefer ... I think you have my email address). ~ Cobs. x

    1. Sounds great Cobs :) I'm still a little technologically inept blogwise. I follow your blog by email but don't know how to put up on here that I do! A post of my fave blogs might be an idea as well

    2. Ok... I've come up with (what I think is) a brilliant idea about promoting your blog with other crafters. I think I've got your email address, because you follow my blog by email and I think the system must have your email logged in the stats somewhere... can I email you my idea Ems? It's ok if you would rather say No. I'm totally fine with that & won't take offence. If you prefer we could instead do the thing I'm thinking of by doing comments like this one. It would take a little longer to do but I'm sure we could make it work.

      You don't have to publicise this comment ... you can remove it and just leave me your answer in a comment somewhere on my blog. I get the comments before they go public so will see it before anyone else does, so no one will see what you've said.
      Cobs. x

    3. That's fine Cobs - looking forward to your email :)

  4. Okey dokey Ems! I'll email tomorrow (Wednesday). :D

  5. Hi Ems, I have just spent a while trying to work out how to follow your blog so hopefully it has worked, you wouldn't believe I was an IT teacher given the time it has just taken me to work it all out! But we don't teach blogging!
    Anyway, am loving your work!

    1. Thanks Em - i'm technologically inept too! I'm following yours by email. Wish I could sew but I'm still afraid of my machine!

  6. Do not fear! Everyone faces this same issue - I can go weeks without having the slightest hint of inspiration or even the desire to sit at my desk and craft.

    My approach (and this is very much a personal thing and I am in no way insisting that it would work for all) is to a) not panic about it b) have a good session on the internet looking at other peoples work (pinterest/instagram/FB/blogs) to try and gather inspiration for what I might like to try one day when I'm feeling adventurous and c) I colour images with no agenda other than to colour for fun. I wont have a project in mind but sometimes I have been known to get carried away and BOOM inspiration strikes! :)

    So deep breaths and trust that your mojo will come back with a vengance when you least expect it xx


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