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Beadhaul box review!

It finally came! My guess of scary themed stuff was completely off the mark, as this October box is Hip to be Square.

Here is the title card showing us the theme. It's all about shapes this month, statement pieces for the darker months. 

A picture of what we're getting. Slightly worried me this month as there aren't any pictures of findings on here. Stupid of me really.

As you can see- loads of findings! Eye pins, head pins, jump rings, and some chains. 

Hinoki wood polygons. I like these...but I have no idea what to do with them. Hopefully the online tutorials will help me there.

A lattice pendant. Would make a perfect statement necklace. Simple yet elegant. 

Grade A hematite cubes. Always love hematite - it's the colours.

Geometric 3D cubes. Cool concept for a jewellery item. I've got an idea for these. 

Hematite gunmetal cubes. Bigger than the last set,and a duller colour, but they are still really nice. 

Glass faceted beads. Nice red colour. 

Glass triangle beads. Prefer these to the faceted beads purely because of the colour. It's more subtle. 

Acrylic faceted cubes. Again I'm not yet sure what to do with these. Must admit, I prefer beads that are less translucent personally. 

Copper charms. Love these. They remind me of fountain pen nibs. 

Origami rabbit charm. Love this. It's not too big, which I prefer in a charm like this. I can see this on a beaded necklace (maybe that's what I can do with the faceted beads!)
Finally, some circles. They are acrylic, have holes so a thread/wire can go through the centre, and the patterns on them are absolutely gorgeous.

Well worth the wait for this box. There are elements that I'm not too sure about at the moment (but that can change when inspiration hits) but most of the elements are spot on with what I like, and all of them are spot on theme wise. Can't wait for the next one now!


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