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Merry Christmas everyone!

A belated merry christmas to one and all. I thought I'd do a short post today. First, I'd like to show off my haul!

I've had this for a little while but it is technically a christmas present - a dementor globe!

A writing journal. Something I will be using a lot in the coming year.

A Disney Traditions figure. Beauty and the Beast was my favourite Disney film when I was growing up. 

I love this because of two things. One is Dr Who obviously (it's a quote from the eleventh doctor) and two it seems like the ideal quote for a fledgling writer.

Sherlock - enough said!

Another Disney Traditions figure, this one a Mickey marionette. I love this because you can actually move it around.

A Tardis necklace.

Pyjamas. I'd show more of them but I'm wearing them!

Slippers. Very comfy.

A craft MDF set to alter. This is a punch and judy box, from candy box crafts.

Three background stamps. The eagle eyed among you will spot that I was a little naughty and used the crackle one already!

Another kit, this one in its pre glued form. It's a theatre style advent calendar. 

A handmade jar of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate just sums up christmas for me.

So all in all a great set of presents this year. I also got £40, which means that if I do spot something I really want anytime soon I can buy it without having to complete the cross stitch first or feeling guilty. Which leads me to the next part of today's post. It's been a week since I started my frugal year, so how have I done?

In the week since I last posted I have spent twice. I bought the christmas food shop which came to a grand total of £66.42. I also took a fiver out of the cash point so that I could bring the stuff home in a taxi. The taxi cost £4 so the extra £1 went into my piggy bank. The second time I spent was also a necessity. About a month ago I tore my trousers at work and patched them up. Unfortunately the hole re-opened so, unless I wanted to show my bum to all and sundry, I had to go out and buy a new pair of work trousers. On the bright side, when the hole re-opened nobody noticed because I'd put my black leggings on underneath due to the cold! Something in me has changed though because I was really annoyed that I had to spend money. I bought the trousers on christmas eve, the shops were packed with people buying last minute presents so I ran it, grabbed what I wanted and quickly got out of there. They are just basic ones and cost £12.99

So I'm doing well so far. Still a long way till payday but I have that £40 and currently no plans to spend it on anything. It's also made me work harder on my cross stitch, seeing as how I will probably be coveting something soon enough. (Imagine a gollum style my precious thing and you're on the right track!) I've finally finished page one and have made a start on the second. Here is the update

How did everyone else's christmas go?

Happy crafting (and merry christmas of course)
Emma x


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Until next time Ems