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Project six

So I'm back crafting again! Still working on the project book but I'm starting to get ideas of my own again, if you know what I mean. They are longer projects so I will be working on them, but doing the ones from the project book in the interim. So here is project six!

It's called Make Me Smile and was designed by Sue Wilson. One of the major problems I have craft wise is my lack of co-ordination. Not in terms of clumsiness. I am clumsy but that's another issue! I mean I have real trouble figuring out what goes together. That aside, here is my take on this one.

As you can see, I stuck to the original colour scheme, but made some changes. I did try to use my new damask die for the first time but the black card and the white card I have in my stash are both too thick for this, so instead I found this XO card in my stash. That, and two of the other pinks all came from the countryview crafts goody box I got a while back, as did the heart. The darker pink background was from my stash, and I used a new die I've got called Vintage Vine. 

The butterfly and the fairy wishes are stamps from the latest Cardmaking and Papercraft mag (with all the free stamps you get from these, it's very rare I need to actually buy any) and the twine and ribbon are from my stash (I'd be more specific but I have so much stash I've forgotten where some of it came from!)

The paper flower was difficult to do, especially since the first time I tried I didn't pay attention to the actual instructions and cut a strip instead of a spiral. The other thing I need to pay attention to is the measurements. I still haven't got the hang of that, and really should invest in one of those measuring/cutting mats. Anybody know where to get a decent one?

I've also decided on my New Year's resolution for 2015, but that will be a post for January 1st! It's along the lines of something I have done before, but in a more official way (kind of) and something that will hopefully not be broken!

Happy Crafting everyone
Emma x


  1. Gorgeous layout Emma,loving the colours used.

    Do you mean a self healing cutting mat? I have an X Cut one that I use all the time,that had all the measurements on it. I think I got mine from Ebay,there's loads of craft sellers on there.

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

    1. Thanks for the info Donna - I'll look at ebay. What size do you think is best?


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