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Back to the book...project number 14

Last week I thought I'd have a break from the project book and work on the larger tasks, since I had a week off. This week I'm back at work so it's back tothe project book! Today's is titled Blue For You and was originally designed by Julia Watts. Here is her version.

And here is mine.

As you can see, mine is far simpler, particularly around the centre. The reason for this is simple. I do not have anything in my stash that is remotely like the dies used in the centre of the original card. The Happy Birthday I used is actually an embossing folder that I got free from a magazine, and you can see I've made use of the bow maker instead of using an actual ribbon. I have plenty of ribbon (none like that) but none that was the right colour and I have uses in mind for the ribbon that I do have. 

I like the techniques used in this card, particularly the embossing background and the decorative edges. It's simple to do but lends a touch of elegance to a card, and is something I will continue to do. I also like inking the edges of an embossed folder. I've got a ton of embossing folders I was unsure what to do with and this gives me a better idea. 

From the crafting to the money now, and spending has been significantly up on last month.Since I last posted an update the rent has come out (£379.36) the Sky (£21.50) and the phone bill (£24.85) as well as a mobile top up (£15). I've also been buying supplies for christmas presents. 50 bails, 2 bow and arrow pendants, 8 angel wing pairs, 1 skeleton playing guitar, 2 skulls with crowns, 10 mask pendants, medieval pendants (£18.97) 5 arrow pendants (£2.85) 6 battle axe pendants (£2.50) 2 sets of black dominoes (£2) 1 set of white dominoes, a lock charm, key charm, bird charm and 6 beads (£6.39) and 16 heart shaped baubles (£18.99) The one thing that annoyed me about these is that I was lazy. The white dominoes were £3.99 but if I wanted to pay by card I had to spend over £6, hence the added charms. I could have gone to a cashpoint but I was cold, and I was on my break, so I didn't. I also bought the meal I promised mum last week (£20 for two two course meals at Franky and Benny's) and bought her a new winter coat from Dorothy Perkins (£35). Finally I bought food for work next week; Bread, carrots, celery, risotto, belvita tops, kitkats, strong cheese spread, blue cheese spread, bananas (£9.54)

So a lot of spending! However, I did get £100 back off my brother, so on balance it isn't too much of a loss. I do need to get back on the sensible ladder though. 

Now for the tasks!

1. Starry Night cross stitch (on page 3)
2. Complete project book (14/21)
3. Complete book plans (no progress)
4. Read and review 100 books (25/100)
5. Make 15 christmas presents (supplies bought)
6. Make 12 birthday presents (4/12)
7. Make calendar and box and tags (made tags)
8. Hit minimum savings target (12.9%)
9. Kili cross stitch (no progress)
10. 50,00 words (no progress)

Happy crafting everyone


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