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A writer's inspiration

I had another one of those poundland photo frames, so decided to do something to inspire me when I have writer's block (which is often unfortunately). So I started by looking around to find an inspirational quote, and found this one by William H Gass. I started off by painting the frame with black gesso, then with brown distress paint. With the inside I found some of my motif paper with kraft resist script writing, which I distress inked with a variety of browns and blacks. I stamped the quote, cut it out, inked the edges and glued it onto the kraft resist paper.
The outside has a few flowers from my stash, some swirls and ferns which I inked and then distress powdered, and some butterflies.

Here is a close up of one of the butterflies. I wanted to tie them into the writing theme, so I die cut them out of the same script paper, inked them with blue and red ink. I was going to use distress powder on the edges, but instead I dug out some Tim Holtz pen nibs, used distress powder on them, then glued them onto the wings so that they are the butterfly bodies. I think it perfectly sums up the way that writing lets your imagination fly free.

Here is the second butterfly. I like the fact that the distress powder did not adhere to all of the pen, allowing a more grungy appearance. I finally read the instructions to the powder and realised you have to shake it thoroughly to activate the release crystals.

Here is a close up so that you can see the script running through in the background of the piece.

A couple more pictures of the whole piece. I felt it was best keeping the flowers etc to one side so that it didn't overwhelm the piece.
Happy crafting
Ems x


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