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Resolutions update 1

Today I thought I'd do a little update on how my resolutions are going. I'll take them one at a time.
1. No fizzy drinks - for the first two weeks this was easy. Then I had a sleepless night due to some inconsiderate people blasting music all night, which meant that I really craved some Dr P, which I have used before to get me through a shift. So I went out to the shop and I bought....some celery, and carrots. Go me! The next day I had an ocular migraine which led to an almost all day headache, which could possibly be attributed to the sugar drop, but again I resisted. I have been drinking tea, water, and squash only.
2. Walk/Cycle/Weights every day. Not only have I been doing this, I have actually been doing two types a day. Every morning I have been using my 10kg kettle bell, and when the weather has been too bad to walk on my days off I have been on the exercise bike. I can't wait for the weather to improve.
As a side note, I am doing this for two reasons; for my health and also because there is a little muffin top protruding from my trousers that I want to reduce. I haven't noticed too much of a difference so far but it's early days.
3. Save £250 a month - obviously as it isn't pay day yet so far this is at 0
4. Finish first draft of one book - The book I am currently working on is well into the planning stages, and writing will begin shortly. If I go back to what I did with LAAC and write 500 words a day then it should take approximately 200 days to finish.
5. The Beauty and the Beast stitch - I'll use pictures to illustrate this one.
 This is the page I'm working on at the moment, and as you can see the progress for this page is coming a lot quicker than the previous page did. I've already stitched a third of this page, and as the target for each page (based on the previous one) is three months, with another three to do the French knots and back stitch, I am already ahead of schedule.
This is a picture of the progress on the piece itself.

A close up of the page I'm currently working on. Most of this page is rivers and bridges, but the all important enchanted rose has been stitched on the left.
I did make a purchase the other day. For those of you who would like to try Tim Holtz range of distress embossing powders, at the moment CountryView Crafts are doing a lucky dip lot of this - 10 random colours for £20. As the price for each is 3.45 this is a hell of a saving. I ordered these the other day, and received these colours.

As you can see it's a diverse range they sent me, which I'm really pleased about. Even better - no pinks!
So that's my update for now. I'm doing a long slog at work at the moment (and will probably be craving Dr Pepper again) so once I have some time off I'm hoping to make another craft piece for here.


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