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Stitchy updates

As you can tell, I love cross stitch! So today's post will be stitchy related again. (The next one won't be)

First of all, I have finished one of the bookmarks I was making.

I found a quote about reading that I liked, stitched that, then chose five colours that I thought went well together, stitching diagonal stripes six stitches wide. It was supposed to be five but I miscounted the first stripe! Finally I backstitched the words in brown. It is so important to backstitch things like this, really makes it stand out.

Here is the update on the Beauty and the Beast stitch. I'm hoping to get this page done before the end of March deadline, as any free time I have between the three month pages is going to be spent working on the next project.
Speaking of the next project....

Check out this mammoth bag of threads!!! There is over 150 threads here, all for the Heaven and Earth Designs Middle Earth map. The chart is 110 pages long, so what I will be doing is printing out a couple of pages at a time, and working on it slowly. First priority is to the Disney stitch though, as that's one of my resolutions. At least it gives me the motivation I need.


  1. Hi just found your blog - I love your bookmark and your big stitch is going to be amazing! Is there a way I can follow your blog?

    1. Thanks Justine - I think you can follow by email. It's on the right hand side near the bottom.


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