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Wheely bad idea...

I've been productive again this week. Before I get onto my crafts, I want to share what came in the latest Beadhaul box. I'll be honest, I was a tad disappointed with this one. The theme was black out, which basically meant a load of black stones.

The stuff is nice and all, and I like the little globes with the gems in, but the theming has been better in previous ones, and this was screaming out for a Halloween style box. Still, I am sure that I will be able to do something with them.

Onto the crafts. I combined two dies this week; the Tim Holtz retro car one and the sizzix shadowbox.

I used woodgrain paper for the outside, and cut an extra back in black so that the inside would pop more. The items inside are coloured with Lindy's sprays except for the car, the presents and the deer's antlers, which are coloured with embossing powder. The snow is flowersoft, and I cut an extra one of the trees in black so that there's a shadow. Then it was just a matter of setting it up. Size wise I had to put the car in the background cos the deer is bigger.

I've also made some more tree decorations. I started off with polystyrene bells, added some paper clay, and painted them with black gesso. After this I painted them with chalk paint, and added antiquing cream, before sealing them with satin varnish. Once they were dry, I rubbed gold wax onto the paper clay embellishments, added an eyepin on the top, then glued on some cones, berries, and holly leaves.

I've also been working on the cross stitch, and have finally stitched the planet.

You can see in the top right corner that I have started on the purple stitching.

Well after braving a Segway earlier this year, I thought I would have a go at another member of transportation.

learning a new skill,
life upon the open road
driving on four wheels

That's right! This week I had my first ever driving lesson! Now, before Tuesday I had never even sat in the driver's seat of a car so there was no way I was going to go on the roads on my first ever lesson. To be fair, my instructor did want me to after about 25 minutes, but it was my choice not to. I've got the perfect acronym for the pedals - cant be arsed - and I was getting the hang of changing gears, clutch stops and hill starts. I even had a go at reversing into a parking bay. I was really nervous about it to start with, and I must admit I stalled a few times when I forgot to release the clutch after changing gears, but I found the bite straight away, and I was changing gears well, so hopefully I will continue in the same manner and pass my test at some point in the future.



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