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Food, glorious food!

This week was an easy challenge, but before I get to that I have been working on a few things craft wise.

This is one of the Works boxes. I started off by using Prima moulds (love these moulds!) with paper clay, gluing them onto the box, and leaving it to dry for a few days before coating the whole box in black gesso. When dry I dry brushed the box with scarlet paint, and painted the moulds gold. When they were dry I coated them with black gesso, left it to dry a little then wiped it off with a baby wipe, so that the black was only in the recesses. Finally I added a couple of turquoise beads. I've fallen in love with these moulds, so much so I have bought a ton of chalk paints and waxes so I can use them more. They are the perfect way to alter a wooden piece.

This is my progress on the cross stitch. If you haven't guessed by now, it's a snow globe! It's a pattern from a Cross Stitcher magazine, with a few substituted colours. I've only got the snow to do now and the base of the globe, before moving onto the next.

down to the Chinese,
no char sui pork, no noodles,
try a brand new dish

I like a Chinese, but I do tend to go for the same dish again and again. We all like our favourites don't we? Sometimes though, we get stuck in a rut, plumping for the same dish because we are afraid that if we try something new we won't like it. Hence, this week's challenge. It's a little thing, but it's about straying from our comfort zone, no matter how small a distance we stray. I tried two new dishes; Singapore noodles and Kung Po chicken.

The noodles were surprisingly nice. I like rice noodles better than the fatter egg noodles, and the curry powder they were cooked in reminded me of my mum's curried rice. Didn't eat the chillies though! The chicken was good, not too spicy (which is why I stuck with Chinese food - Indian is a little too spicy for me). I'm not sure I would eat either dish again, purely because my favourite is still firmly at number one, but if I fancy a change I might.

Next week I try something possibly stupid!


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