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Keep rolling, rolling, rolling,rolling.

I've completed a few things this week. The first is my cross stitch. Already started work on a new one too!

I had to substitute a fair few colours but it works I think.

I've also done a few cards, using the DoCrafts Build a Scene dies. I have three; around the world, fairground, and summer's day.

The good thing about the fairground one is that you can use one of the offcuts as an insert, which makes it easier when using black card. I used everything but the balloon dies in this one, adding a couple of wooden stars painted silver and some silver gems for the lights.

I should have done the deep orange card bit blue apparently, for the sea, but I didn't have two shades of blue paper! Oh well, it still works. Perfect for a card from the sunny seaside of Newquay, except the seagull isn't attacking someone. The best thing is the offcut from one of these dies is perfect for another card - which will be revealed once I make it.

I've also made a bookmark.

I think this is my first successful layering technique, and it was an accident! I started off by stamping with a prima stamp in black, then stamped a Tim Holtz saying in clear embossing powder. It didn't work completely, so I inked the tag with distress inks, using crayons at the edge. I backed it onto black card, and added some black card at the front with a honeycomb die. The cracks are made with a Lindy's embossing ink. I stamped a phrase out, inking the edges and sticking it on. Finally I added a couple of butterflies left over from a previous project.

I've bought a few craft things over the past weeks (after saying I won't - it's an addiction!) so I decided to try them out.

I started off with a wooden heart, using my prima moulds and paper clay to create a design. I added a couple of paper clay roses (from a different mould) and left it to dry.

What a transformation when you add paint. I started off by covering the whole thing with black gesso, before using Prima metallique paint on the outside. When that was dry I used a metallique wax in antique gold (these waxes are amazing) to highlight details. When that was finished, I painted the inside with chalkboard paint, so this is a little black board.

Balance is the key,
propelling yourself forward,
using your body.

This week I decided to try something a little more active - Segway! Now, I am not the most co-ordinated of people. So unco-ordinated in fact, that I cannot use a cross trainer to save my life, and I cracked my head open whilst opening a door and sneezing at the same time (try filling out the accident report for that without laughing - how much experience have I had opening a door? Well...) So I honestly didn't know how I would fare on this. Still, this year is about giving new things a go, so I went.

If you're in Newquay, this is at Hendra holiday park. It costs £25 a person for an hour, and you have to book it in advance. When we got there we asked where it was and were sent the wrong way! Good start. We got there though, albeit a couple of minutes late. You start off by choosing a helmet, then they give you a Segway and give you a quick how to lesson, before checking whether you can balance, move forward, stop, and turn. Once you've done that you're off on a little course. When that's done, and they are happy with your performance you move onto the next bit, which is mastering a little bit of slaloming; basically learning to manoeuvre with a little more intricacy. You also practice going over bumps before taking a tour of the park, and then going on an off-road obstacle course.

I want one! Surprisingly I took to it well, not falling over or even unbalancing once. Apparently it's hard on your calves after a while. I didn't feel that, but that may be because I walk a lot. I did feel it in my feet after a while. I would happily use this to go to work if I could though.

I'd highly recommend doing this. It's a lot of fun, the instructors were lovely and made sure everyone was doing well before moving onto the next bit. It didn't feel rushed at all either. With it only being an hour I thought it would go quickly but it didn't, so they've planned it well.

Anyway, till next time.


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