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Just a quick one

Haven't really got anything to update with this one, as I have not done any crafting apart from stitching. There is a couple of reasons for this. Number one is that it was hell week at work (should that be a capital h?). It doesn't mean that it was a particularly bad week at work; on the contrary, it was quite a productive one for me, and for at least one portion I could definitely see the effect that the recent training has had to improve my work. It's just the term we use for the longest stint we have. It leaves you a little tired after all the shifts, and not really in the mood for doing anything apart from vegging in front of the telly with bad food (which is another thing I have not being doing great at recently.)

The other reason is the fact I have been rearranging my bedroom, both to incorporate the new furniture I bought myself, and to organise my crafty stash a little bit better. I now have a two metre desk to work on, which has a chest of drawers on both sides, as well as a storage cabinet with some nice fabric boxes; one for stamps, one for dies, one for paper and one for embellishments. Now that things are a little more organised I have been able to take stock of just how much stuff I actually have, and I have filled a bin bag with rubbish that has been stuck in every nook and cranny too.

Anyway, spending wise has been ok, but not great this week. I did buy a few crafty things (including snark talk, which may be my favourite thing all year) but I have kept that to a minimum. Really I have been wondering if it would be better to go on a spending ban or to do myself a kind of reward chart, only allowing myself what I would term a treat when I actually do something worthwhile. Stuff like completing a stitch, completing a my fitness pal diary for a month without fail, stuff like that. The problem with my two resolutions is that with the weight loss when you don't see results quickly it is disheartening and you easily give up, and with the savings I don't have an actual target in mind, or anything to save for as it were. So I need to come up with novel ideas to stick to them, or this will be the first year in a while that I do not keep my resolutions.

As I said before, the only thing I have been doing this week (aside from practising my theory test and doing a lot of reading) is the latest cross stitch, so here is the update for this week.

A full Gromit and a Wallace arm. Good thing is this one shouldn't take too long.

Anyway (notice how that seems to be my favourite word to begin a sentence?) until next time,



  1. Hey where did you get this pattern from?

    1. It was a cross stitch mag. Either cross stitch crazy or world of cross stitching but I can't remember which one :(

  2. Are you able to share the pattern?

    1. I don't have it anymore unfortunately. It was on the front cover of a cross stitch crazy mag so you might be able to order a back issue or go on their Facebook page and ask


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