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Opening up a new world

I finally have something besides cross stitch to show! But first - the cross stitch!

As you can see I am coming close to completing it now. I really want to finish it, because this is my first task/reward item, and I have already chosen my reward. I'm not rushing it though, as that is when things go wrong.

I have been toying with an idea of a canvas project since getting the first craft box a month ago, when I saw the globe postcards, so I decided to make it this week. The first background I did went wrong, so I started again, and ended up with this. Unfortunately I have not got the hang of using sprays yet, at least not when it comes to backgrounds.

I started off by getting an old piece of card, that was originally from a Christmas stash, and used a script stencil with texture paste, sprinkling embossing powder on it and using a heat tool to dry. Once that was done I started laying things out. I covered a snip art piece with black gesso and wax for the background, and also used lindy's sprays to colour some snip art trees. I used embossing powder on the Eiffel tower. I also die cut various things that reminded me of books - such as Moby Dick and Around the world in Eighty days and coloured them with promarkers. These are all tattered lace dies - some of them from a slider pack and the books and the pen and ink stand from a separate pack. I used Crackle Glaze on the inkstand. I was not happy with the colouring I did, so I used distress crayons to add a little more depth. After assembling the canvas, I die cut some letters, and used some gems to make it look like letters were escaping from the books. Finally I stamped out the sentiment - fall into a paper world.

I have finally figured out how to use the stamp platform properly (hint - use a level secure surface) so the sentiment came out great. I'm pleased with this, because I like the fact that it is slightly out of the box, and that it marries two of my favourite things.



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