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Remembering Robin...

I've thought long and hard about whether to say anything about the passing of Robin Williams, and what to say. In the end I simply want to say that his legacy should be two-fold. His death should be an eye-opener for any who look at an individual and wonder what they have to be so down about, and why they simply can't snap out of it. His suicide is not a reflection on his life, and there is no point in looking for reasons on why he chose to end it. Depression is an illness. I have been in that black place, where life has become merely existence and it is a monumental struggle to get through each day. When you feel that everybody that you love would be better off without you. Robin Williams was not a coward for ending  his life. You would not call a physically ill person a coward for giving up the fight. And he put up one hell of a fight. Throughout his career he made it his utmost goal to make people laugh, and he did this splendidly. So much so, that it is now only after his death that I notice the profound sadness in his eyes.

Life is fragile, and so many people suffer in silence. Perhaps Robin's death should be a wake up call; look out for those around you. Reach out to your loved ones. Be there for each other. Even the simplest gesture can mean so much to a person. Depression is all too oftern misunderstood and swept under the carpet. Robin's death has already brought it to the forefront of the public consciousness, with impromptu screenings of his best work being shown, and profits going to Mind, a UK based mental health charity. Let us hope that Robin's death keeps depression at the forefront of our minds, if it means that somebody who decides to end their life instead gets the help that they need.

Let his death be only part of his legacy; a lesson that we all should learn from. But don't just remember the sad circumstances surrounding his death, remember the laughs. Remember the man who could play an overgrown ten year old, an alien arriving on planet Earth, a two hundred year old robot, and the boy who never grew up. Remember the inspiring teacher, the doctor who healed with laughter, the man who loved his kids so much that he went to the extreme of dressing as a nanny to spend time with them. Watch, laugh till the tears fall down your cheeks, and remember.

As for me, above all, Robin will always be my genie.


  1. Agree whole heartedly with what you have written Emma. I think depression is maybe the last taboo,still so many people can't/won't understand it,very sad :(

    Donna xx

    1. Unfortunately due to the nature of the illness it is very hard to understand. It can also be hard to identify who needs help. Some people do their utmost to keep up appearances in public. I used to do this but I have found that being more open about it helps people understand a little more.

      Emma x


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