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Project twelve and a tag!

So I've been productive this morning, and finished off one more project, and the first of three G45 tage I need to do. First of all is the project. The original version is called Love Hearts, and is designed by Tracy Evans. Here is her version

And here is mine

I didn't have any spackle so I used some grungeboard hearts, added stars to them, and painted them black, before dry brushing them with barn door distress paint. I then painted grungeboard words with the same paint, and stamped them with black ink. I used the same crackle stamp on the background of the card, then stamped and distress inked a butterfly. I'm definitely more pleased with this one than the last one.

The other thing that I've completed today is the first of three tags. I've decided to do both sides of each tag with the same paper collection, to showcase each collection as it were. The collection I used with this one was Madame Payraud by Docraft. For the first side I kept it relatively simple, choosing a blue paper, inking the sides, then using versa mark and mica powder with some stamps, and finally altering a metal butterfly slightly (using distress paint and mica powder)

I love the blue fairy. You can't see it too well in the pic but it really shines at some angles, yet at others it almost disappears.

The second side was inspired by this gorgeous tag. I took some pics before adding all the little bits on top cos I used mica powder on this side too, and just wanted to showcase the effect it has, which is slightly covered up in the finished article. I fussy cut some stuff out but they are big compared to the little cards etc on that tag, so I did my own version. I inked all the edges in tattered rose, and used a Tim Holtz lock. 

I am aware I use butterflies a lot but it gives a beautiful three dimensional aspect to a piece.

Spending wise, after I wrote about wanting alphabetical stamps someone sent me a private message on a forum I use, offering me two sets (upper and lower case) for £12.50. I asked mum if she would get them for me for my birthday which she has agreed to, but I had to pay for them initially and she is paying me back. I also spent £4.85 on cat food, granola and some donuts. 

And now for the task updates!
1. Starry night cross stitch (still on page 2)
2. Complete project book (completed 12/21)
3. Complete book plans for books 2 and 3 (some progress made)
4. Read and review 100 books (18/100)
5. Make 15 christmas presents (no progress)
6. Make 12 birthday presents (1/12)
7. Make calendar, g45 box and 3 tags (made one tag)
8. Hit minimum savings target (no progress)
9. Kili cross stitch (no progress)
10. Write 50,000 words (no progress)

I'm off work next week so hopefully progress will speed up somewhat, although there is only one thing that I want at the moment and it may be a birthday present

Happy crafting


  1. The card (with the stars) is great. It speaks of 'you', for that I love it because your art is now finding it's voice. I can see 'you' in your artwork and so could now have a fighting chance of picking your artwork out from a mix of other peoples art.

    The tag(s) sides are BEAUTIFUL! Very well done. You're really growing Em. You're becoming one with your art and it's such a lovely thing to see happen.

    Happy New Year by the way. Late, I know, but better late than never, I say!
    I've been really quite poorly over the past few months so I'm rather behind on comments and makes of my own. So much so that I feel almost like a new crafter - not knowing where to put things and not certain if things look right in 'that' place or 'this' place. Questioning things over and over before I commit to fixing them in place. (sigh) It's so tiresome, and so (almost) soul destroying. (But then ... I'm still not fighting fit so that perhaps isn't helping things).

    Sending love, as always, ~ Cobs. x

    1. Cobs I've been there (not the illn ess but the uncertainty) Let yourself get better first, as it may stress you out too much. One day you will get up, get struck by inspiration and you'll be back to your brilliant self. I've always loved your work but it's far more important for you to feel better in yourself than to see a new post (not that I wouldn't want to see a new post!)

      I'm sorry that you haven't been well over the last couple of months. :(

      Happy new year to you too and here's to a craft full, completely inspired 2015 for the both of us :)


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