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Two more tasks down

Before I go into the crafting side of the blog, I want to talk a little bit about how I'm feeling at the moment. Specifically; getting dressed. Now, when I have a day I'm working it's easy, I put on my uniform. The problem is, when I have a day off it is so much easier to stay in my pyjamas. Choosing an outfit is simply exhausting when you have depression, and a lot of the time you think 'why bother' especially when you are not going anywhere. A couple of years ago I took care of my appearance, at least in what I was wearing, but that seems to have disappeared at this present moment in time. So, from today, I've decided to wear everything in my wardrobe (not literally everything at once). I've started small, wearing a dark dress and tights. (Wearing dark clothes is also something I do when depressed, finding it easier to hide away)

Anyway, onto the crafts. First of all, here are the updates on the sewing room stitch

After that initial setback it's going well.

The second thing I've been working on is a canvas. I started off by glueing some grungeboard shapes onto a canvas, painting it black, then using mica powders with water to colour it. After that I added some crackle glue to some parts, some silver paint to others, and left it to dry. I then found a quote, got some card and cut out the words I wanted, backing them onto more card, painting them black, then painting the background blue, and the letters metallic. After that I swiped some versamark on the letters and added some distress soot, finally dabbing some more brass paint to get a really rusted look. I then painted some flowers gold and brass, stamped a cameo then edged it in blue, and put it all together.

For those who are unsure, the quote says 'never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey' something I should really pay attention to.

I've also made a domino necklace. I started with metallic paint for the edges, then found a yellow paper with a blue bird on it I liked. I then glued a birdcage over the bird, covered it in glossy accents, added a blue plastic rose and some pearls, glued a bail on the back, finally adding an extender chain and a feather charm.

Spending wise I took £20 out of the cashpoint to post my best mate's bday present (£3.30) and bought food for work (£9.70), then ha to pay for replacement glass due to a minor accident with a picture frame (£5) and got myself some fruit salads and walnut whips (£2) We had a minor issue with our oven (not working) so I took £10 out to get fish and chips and some tins for the microwave whilst we wait for it to be fixed. I earned a treat (two actually but one is BOFA) so I got the Emotion Thesaurus and some multi matte medium £17.66, and finally I got some cat food and food for work next week for £12.28.

Now onto the tasks

1. Starry night cross stitch (DONE)
2. Project  book (DONE)
3. Book plans (no progress)
4. Read and review 100 books (DONE)
5. 14 christmas presents (DONE)
6. 11 birthday presents (DONE)
7. Calendar, box and tags (DONE)
8. Hit minimum savings target (no change)
9. Kili stitch (DONE)
10. 50,000 words (DONE)



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