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Beadhaul box April review

This month? Lady Fury!

As usual here is the welcome note. I love the word play on the left. It's a great teaser for what you get, and some inspiration too.

Here is a picture of everything you get. I hope they keep this up just in case they forget anything! (Never have yet but we're all human)

A new page - tutorials. For those of you who don't know they post tutorials for beginners (and ideas) on their website. It's a fantastic site and the tutorials are well worth a browse.

Findings - As I have said before always a help, and it's good they have included so many.

Coconut shell beads - unbelievably light.

Natural hematite round beads.

Natural hematite column beads - slightly brighter than the round beads which have more of a burnished edge.

Hollow spacer beads. These could work with the things in this box or the last box, as they have a futuristic/post apocalyptic vibe.

Heart pendants. These are tiny and it's so nice to see heart pendants that aren't pink or glittery.


More findings! Possibly a few too many findings this time, at the expense of the more unique pendant style items. However, I will defend them by saying that people requested findings, and that I would imagine it's hard thinking of pendants that fit this theme! I will say that the theme made me think of red and flames, but that was only from the Lady Fury - when you look at the word play on the card you can see this isn't where they were going.

Natural jadeite beads.

More findings - but you can never have too many earrings.

Circular tags. At the moment I'm unsure what to do with these.

Ceramic skull beads. (If CC read this please make October a Halloween theme! Pretty please?)

Imitation turquoise pendant.

I love these! Synthetic hematite arrow beads. They have that duochrome look, the oil poured on water one.

A doll pendant. Only one but I love this so much I took two photos. I've never seen a pendant like this before, and this is what I like best about getting this box. You are receiving things that wouldn't even have entered your mind to buy, but when you see it you think why the hell did I not think of this?!
Another brilliant box, and one I'm looking forward to using.


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