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It's been a while since I've spoken about both my spending and my depression. Sometimes they are interlinked - everyone appreciates the value of retail therapy when they've had a particularly trying day. Unfortunately, when I am in a low period, I will tend to spend on junk which afterwards inevitably makes me feel guilty for wasting money, and so the circle continues. One thing that I find fights both things in different ways, is making lists.

To steal a cliché, getting over depression is akin to climbing a mountain. Looking up at it, it seems an impossible task. Breaking it down into manageable chunks, one step at a time, you may reach the peak before you even realise how far you've climbed. Manageable chunks has been my success, after all, I wrote Lonely As A Cloud five hundred words at a time. So, when it comes to spending I write down everything I spend. Everything. Then I can look over it and figure out where I am going wrong. I also include how I'm feeling when I spend. You'd be surprised how much I can waste in a supermarket if I'm hungry when I go in. (Spending wise I've bought Blue Bloods Season 5 for 24.99 and a lindy bop dress for 19.06) Boredom can also cause you to spend, especially online, and this is why I write lists that have a dual purpose. On days off, or even when I finish early or start late, I write lists and plan what I am going to do in the day. Sometimes it is crafting, sometimes writing, today it was swapping out a chest of drawers for a writers desk. Sunday it was paint my nails. Trivial though that may be it's a little thing that made me feel a little better. Thankfully for those times that I have completed my daily tasks earlier than I thought, I still have my cross stitching to fall back on. Writing unfortunately depends on my mood. I want to get back into the routine of writing daily, in fact I have pledge to do so for November, but at the moment my head is not in the right place. Another place where lists come in handy; it keeps you organised when your brain doesn't want to co-operate.

So, to sum up, lists are good for so many things beyond a shopping list. I'd make a list but that's a little redundant!

I went to see a friend the other day, and her daughter loved my necklace (the bicycle one) so I made her one. I didn't have another bicycle charm but I found a fairy. Nail polish and Glossy Accents were used for the wings.

As well as the fairy, I attached a star, heart and a shrink plastic sentiment.

The shrink plastic was a stamp, part of a set from a magazine.

As I had painted the varnish with an orange red, I omitted the gold pearls I had used on mine and replaced them with red gems.


  1. Depression and spending is directly linked. I used to do the same and ran up quite a few debts (Still paying some off). Its a way of making yourself feel better isn't it? "How can my life be so bad if I have all of these wonderful things?"
    I used to spend on DVD's, C'D's, crap basically. A guitar that I hated! old VHS films, old super 8 films which sounds like a harmless hobby but when you cant afford food, its a problem!

    1. The stupid thing is, nine times out of ten once you've bought it and the post-shopping glow has dimmed, you realise you should never have bought it so feel guilty but feel like you can't take it back either! Thankfully I don't have any debts (I went a bit nuts at University but I've been relatively sensible since) but I still waste money.


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